Seema- A Woman Taxi Driver in Delhi!


I recently stayed at the ITC Maurya as a part of their Responsible Fellowship Program. However, that story will wait for a while as there will be videos to go along with it. But I had the most pleasant surprise on my way back home, my driver was Seema and it was my first experience … Read more

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Applying for UK Visa in Delhi, India


Waking up at 5.30 am is not a pleasant task for me. But I had an 8.00 am appointment today for applying for UK Visa in Delhi and I would not like to goof up at any cost. This is the sixth time I was applying for a UK visa but there was a difference. The … Read more

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Abbotsford Nainital- A Heritage Homestay


Chhavi and I visited Abbotsford Nainital in March, just before Holi. It is a beautiful cottage built in 1876. It came to the Prasada Family in 1903. The home is full of old family photographs and curios which kept me engrossed. But then I am running ahead of me. Let me start at the beginning. … Read more

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A Women’s Day Like No Other With SpiceJet


It was a trip that almost didn’t happen. I was supposed to go on an international FAM with Chhavi, when the invite came to celebrate the Women’s Day with SpiceJet. I had to say my dates were already blocked. Then the international FAM got postponed. I went back without any hope to SpiceJet to see … Read more

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Places to Stay in Dhordo, Kutch


Dhordo is the getaway village to the Great Rann of Kutch. It is about 80 km from Bhuj. I have now made two trips to the region. I am the kind who can stay any place without batting an eyelid, but if you like to research your options of stay here are the places that … Read more

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Heritage Walk in Ahmedabad- Mandir se Masjid Tak


When I hear of a heritage walk in Ahmedabad City, I was quite keen on going. The walk is organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and they charge just 50 rupees for it. The walled city walk happens early in the morning at 8.00 am and we were staying in Gandhinagar.  We still made it. … Read more

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Mehrangarh Fort with an Audio Guide


Maybe it has got something to do with the way history has been taught to me in schools! I would remember a lots of dates and places before the exam, only to forget it later. Maybe it became a pattern with me which was trying to settle for life. But I desperately wish to break … Read more

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Visiting Ladakh in Winter FAQs

Before I visited Ladakh in January 2016, I had a million questions about going there in winter. Now that I have been to Ladakh in winter it is time to write about my experiences. So here are the visiting Ladakh in winter FAQs answered. If I have missed out on something do ask in the … Read more

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FAM Trips for Bloggers

On and often people ask me how do I get to go on many FAM trips for bloggers. And before you wonder FAM is a short form for familiarization. They are know by various other names like media trip, junket etc. There is a short answer to it and there is a long answer to … Read more

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Christmas Brunch with Black Dog USL


The Christmas Brunch with the Black Dog USL was my first brunch outside my home. I have had many a brunches but that would be because I got up too late on a weekend. Going out for a brunch to a restaurant was a first for me. And a cocktail based brunch was an absolute … Read more

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