The Zip Rider at the Bobrovy Log Fun Park, Krasnoyarsk


I have a love/fear relationship with adventure. Before the adventure begins I fear it a little (OK sometimes a lot) but I love it after I am done with it. But the zip line or the zip rider is one activity I can approach without fear for the simple reason that I have done it … Read more

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What Do You Think About Videos?


In the recent months I got a lot more request from sponsors for video content. Truth be told, videos terrify me. I am not comfortable speaking in them, I am not comfortable making them when I am at a destination. But now that blogging and social media is my main source of income I end … Read more

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Going Live from Facebook Bandstand- Mumbai Office


Blogging has given me many highs, going live from Facebook Mumbai Office recently was one such experience. I was coming to Mumbai to attend OTM, which is a trade show. So, when Tanvi from Facebook asked if I would be interested in visiting their office and going live from there, I was thrilled. I boarded … Read more

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On Board the Inaugural Chennai Colombo Flight 6E 1201 with Indigo


Lack of sleep is something that makes me feel like a dead fish! I barely got 2 hours of sleep before I boarded the inaugural Chennai Colombo Flight 6E 1201 with Indigo Airlines. Because @IndiGo6E is flying Chennai Colombo for the first time and I am going to be on that flight! — Mridula … Read more

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The Colosseum in Rome

This post is written by Alka Dwivedi, my sister. We traveled together to Budapest this year, via Rome and it was the trip of the year! Here is her account of visiting the Colosseum in Rome. I was travelling abroad with my sister for the first time. While going to Budapest, we were in Rome … Read more

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The Metro Project in Budapest


I simply love traveling in Metro and trams. I often say, it is because I can’t afford taxis in foreign land. But there is something more to it. I stand and click pictures of metro trains and trams continiously. It can bore my companions to no end, but if I see a tram or a … Read more

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Sightseeing at Kargil


Even though this was my first fourth visit to Ladakh, it was my first trip to Kargil. I was traveling with the Axis Dil Se team. Axis Bank along with 17 Thousand ft Foundation provided playground and library to more than 100 government schools in the Ladakh. The region has two districts Leh and Kargil. … Read more

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Traveling to Kargil with Axis Dil Se


I have a personal bond with Ladakh, this blog came into being because of our trip to Ladakh, way back in 2005. Little did I know that one day I would quit my full time job as a professor and do full time blogging. I traveled for the fourth time to Ladakh for the Axis … Read more

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The Sharjah Light Festival 2017


The Sharjah Light Festival is a visually stunning treat! The visuals are set to beautifully choreographed music at the shows. This year the show is being held from February 2 to 11, 2017. I was invited by Air Arabia and Sharjah Tourism Board to attend the festival. The themes draw inspiration from desert, sea life, … Read more

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Explore Dubai by Dubai Metro #themetroproject


I walk with a spring in my step towards any metro station! My kind hosts FlyDubai gave me pre-loaded metro cards to use and explore the Dubai city! I was on cloud nine, I was going to explore Dubai by Dubai Metro on my own! I have always liked metro trains, undergrounds, trams and other … Read more

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