The Farm Lunch with JW Marriott Mussoorie


JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort and Spa spotlit me solid with its specialty dining experiences. Before I could completely digest my breakfast by the stream, I was out to enjoy a farm lunch. The folks at JW Marriott grow a lot of organic stuff on their farm. And they can set a table for a … Read more

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Enjoy an Unforgettable Stay at Jim Corbett Resorts


When it comes to making time for vacations, many people turn to the sandy shores and surf-ready ocean waves of beaches for relaxation. Many others choose to delight in the thrills of bustling cities for excitement. Located in the Himalayan foothills, the Jim Corbett National Park is an excellent destination for those who desire to … Read more

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The Nanda Devi Affair by Bill Aitken


Moving around the tiny market known as Sister’s Bazaar in Landour, I was busy buying jams at the famous Prakash and Co. I was in the area on invitation from JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort and Spa. On the trip I met Anil Purohit of Windy Skies after a gap of seven years. While … Read more

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Breakfast by the Stream with JW Marriott Mussoorie


As I was getting down to the stream near the Himalayan Adventure Institute I was happy to walk. There is something about the uneven mountain road, it immediately sets me at peace. I was completely engrossed in figuring out where to put my next feet for ten minutes or so! As I approached the end … Read more

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Bull’s Retreat, Shivpuri

If you would ask me I would stay in a camp any day over a retreat. But Chhavi had different ideas. She had a great time at the MHE Beach Camp but she didn’t like the nights as the camp has no electricity. I understand that as the camp is in the Rajaji National Park … Read more

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Camping by the River Ganges with Chhavi

‘Whenever I am asked, “How was your vacation?” I have a fixed reply, “Holidays are always good.” But camping by the Ganges with Chhavi was better than good! We were staying at the MHE Beach Camp. As the kid is still small she was underage for rafting. So, the number one attraction on the Ganges was … Read more

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Deoriatal, Uttarakhand Trip- Day 3

I took a break from the Deoriatal story as I went to Pench and saw a tiger too. I am back. When I went to sleep at Sari village I was not too thrilled. The sky was overcast and that meant no view. There was no change in the morning too. Chhavi however woke up … Read more

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Deoriatal, Uttarakhand Trip- Day 2

I did not sleep well in the night at Rishikesh. Initially I thought it was traffic noise that was waking me up. But after a few hours of waking up intermittently I realized there was a stiff wind blowing outside. The noise was the rustling of peepal tree leaves near my window. The auto driver … Read more

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Deoriatal, Uttarakhand Trip- Day 1

My Deoriatal trip happened at a short notice. I knew there was no teaching in the week following Diwali at my workplace as it was off for students. But I was procrastinating about taking the whole week off. Then my institute declared it a holiday for everyone! Now here I was with one week of … Read more

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Getting Lost in Rishikesh

When Chhavi and I stopped at Rishikesh (our way to Deoriatal) we decided to roam around Lakshman Jhula in the evening. We were staying close by so it was supposed to be a pleasant walk. While going down it was actually a pleasant walk. I was carrying all my camera gear so I was relying … Read more

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