Exploring Jim Corbett National Park with Aahana Resort

Aahana Resort Ramnagar

I visited Aahana Resort in Ramnagar in November. That was the time when pollution in Delhi/NCR was going off the charts! I was happy to leave the city behind! Ramnagar is a small town, the getaway to Jim Corbett National Park! The air was anyway a thousand times better than Gurgaon, on top of that … Read more

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Explore Landour with Rokeby Manor


This year there has been a deficit of mountains in my life. But my trip to explore Landour with Rokeby Manor was one beautiful trip. I had initially planned for three nights with my kind hosts. But due to date constraints, I had to cut it to two nights. I regretted every minute that I was … Read more

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Haridwar- Say it with Pictures!


If anyone ever asked me which posts I like to do most, the answer would be a post with a lot of pictures and very little text! It will be a post like this one, about Haridwar pictures. Even though I do not wear bangles, but I know they will make for a colorful picture! … Read more

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Hotel Alpana near Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar


I saw my name at placard at the Haridwar Railway Station. I smiled at the young man holding it and we walked out. I was looking for a car to take us to the hotel! We actually got into a rickshaw instead. That baffled me a but. But I soon realized why it was prudent. … Read more

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Walking Around Nanital


I am in love with walking. It helps that Chhavi (my daughter) is good at it too. On our trips we can go for long walks together. On our recent trip to Abbotsford, Nainital, we went walking around Nanital. Abbotsford is at a distance from the lake but we decided to walk down to the … Read more

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Rhododendron Flowers at Gagar, Uttarakhand


I recently stayed at the White Peaks at Gagar, Uttarakhand. There is walk right next to the cottage that goes uphill. In the month of April the area was full of rhododendrons flowers at Gagar. Rhododendron is known as buransh ( बुरांश) in Hindi. I am no stranger to rhododendron flowers, I saw them many … Read more

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The White Peaks Homestay at Gagar, Uttarakhand


I am a hill person, I must have been born in the plains by mistake in this life. I am always happy to travel to the hills, even though it often means an early morning start for catching the Shatabdi Express train. My visit to The White Peaks at Gagar, Uttarakhand was no different. I … Read more

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Abbotsford Nainital- A Heritage Homestay


Chhavi and I visited Abbotsford Nainital in March, just before Holi. It is a beautiful cottage built in 1876. It came to the Prasada Family in 1903. The home is full of old family photographs and curios which kept me engrossed. But then I am running ahead of me. Let me start at the beginning. … Read more

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JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Trail


I used to consider Mussoorie a mainstream destination. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against mainstream destinations, it is the crowd they attract that I don’t enjoy. But after experiencing the JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Trail I know how to do off beat things around Mussoorie! The trip happened in early October with the … Read more

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Jabarkhet Nature Reserve Mussoorie


Jabarkhet Nature Reserve is a hidden gem of Mussoorie. I visited it on the walnut trail with JW Marriott Mussoorie. If you love to walk and if you enjoy nature Jaberkhet Nature Reserve is the place for you. They have a comprehensive official website where you can book your tickets online as well. They have driving … Read more

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