Amari Galle A Bright and Cheerful Place in Galle Sri Lanka


After a 5.00 am flight hardly anything can make me feel cheerful and awake till I catch up on sleep! But the traditional dance from Kandy that was performed on my arrival at Amari Galle not only woke me up, it send me diving for my camera! Galle is a quaint little town on the … Read more

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Sampath the Cliff Jumper from Galle, Sri Lanka

Cliff Jumping Galle

I have a soft spot for Galle as I visited it with my nephew first! We were staying at Unawatuna and hopped over to Galle in 2013. Then meeting Sampath the cliff jumper from Galle in 2018 has added another fond memory to it! So here I am at Galle again, writing this post as … Read more

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Dolphin Watching and a Trip to Pigeon Island in Trincomalee, Sri Lakna


My Srilanka trip was in June 2016. Sometimes I feel what I can remember about a trip after 4-5 months is actually what the trip was about! I hardly take any notes on my trips. I reconstruct them more through the pictures I click. But I clearly remember the day when I went Dolphin watching … Read more

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Kumana National Park, Eastern Sri Lanka


When the alarm went off at 4.30 am I groaned, it could not be 4.30 already! However as we were traveling in a group, I got up somehow and stumbled down on time to go to the Kudumbigala Monastery and Kumana National Park near Ampara in Eastern Sri Lanka. I am not a morning person. … Read more

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Arugam Bay- A Hot Surfing Spot in Eastern Sri Lanka


Truth be told I was tired when I arrived at Arugam Bay in eastern Sri Lanka. It took us longer to reach from Digana, where we were staying at the previous night. The route was beautiful. In fact the whole of Sri Lanka, in whichever way I have traveled, is scenic. Maybe it was because … Read more

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Kudumbigala Monastery, Ampara, Eastern Sri Lanka


It was a 5.00 am start and if you ask me I am no fan of 5.00 am starts. Five in the morning is for being sound asleep but it was not to be because we had plan to catch up the sunrise at Kudumbigala Monastery in Eastern Sri Lanka. We were far away from … Read more

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Victoria Golf and Country Resort at Digana, Sri Lanka


My eyes popped out as I looked out to the golf course at Victoria Golf and Country Resort at Digana, Sri Lanka. Right there at the course there was a helicopter parked! It generated a lot of curiosity among our group while we had our lunch at Araliya! We were told that some golf club … Read more

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Srilankan Airline- Blogger on Board!


I recently flew Delhi-Colombo-Delhi with SriLankan Airlines. I was going to Sri Lanka to attend the TBC Asia 2016 with Cinnamon Hotels. The fun started at the check in. I was given an envelope and there was something in it for me. I had ample time before I was to board the flight, so off … Read more

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An Unforgettable Journey to Eastern Sri Lanka


I got only a fleeting glimpse, much of it from a moving bus, but it has been an unforgettable journey to Eastern Sri Lanka. I have but briefly touched upon the cities of Batticaloa, Kattankudy and Trinclomalee but the impressions I am going to carry back are lasting. The Grand Old Tree As a tourist … Read more

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How Do You Like to Explore a Place?

So how do you like to explore a place? ¬†When you arrive at a new place how do you really wish to explore it if you were given a free hand? I know that will depend on the city, its size and many other things. Still there is a particular way in which we like … Read more

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