Roaming in Singapore Metro or MRT as they Call it! #themetroproject


I am a big metro fan, I am irrationally attached to metro rides! I mean what is really there to it? You get inside the train at one end and emerge somewhere else! And yet that gives me a high! I love using metros across the world. I use #themetroproject to capture my own social … Read more

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Singapore in Pictures


I have the exact same feeling about doing a post on Singapore as I had for London. Both the places are popular, everyone has seen the famous landmarks a gazillion times already! Still as I have a lot of pictures from my trip, I end up presenting Singapore in pictures on my blog. Singapore will … Read more

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Soap for Hope- Recycling Used Soap Bars into New


Have you ever thought what happened to the used soap bars in the hotels? In a 300 room hotel, even with 50 percent occupancy a lot of soap bars would get discarded daily. I was always curious about it but never found an answer before I came across the Soap for Hope project on #Escapers17 … Read more

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Flying from Jaipur to Singapore with Scoot


As I live in Gurgaon, I take all my flights out of Delhi. I have flown to Johannesburg and Tel Aviv from Mumbai but the starting point was still, Delhi as I took Delhi-Mumbai flights. So, flying from Jaipur to Singapore with Scoot was a novelty for me. I was flying Jaipur Singapore on Scoot … Read more

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Dress Code for Women in Singapore


You can virtually wear anything and be comfortable in Singapore. The dress code for women in Singapore easy, there are no special requirements. Visiting places of worship would be the only exception. I am writing this post from a tourist’s point of view. I would say dress according to the weather! It is hot and … Read more

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Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen


My stay at Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen is about to end and I will remember it fondly. Singapore was my first trip abroad when I was a Ph.D. student. I was presenting a paper at Nanyang Technological University. Eighteen years later, I have quit my in academics and I am here as a travel blogger … Read more

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Why I Love to Transit via Changi Airport, Singapore

I love to transit via Changi Airport in Singapore. Particularly if it is a long transit, I definitely want it to be via a happening airport like Chnagi. If you are at Changi there are many things to do. To make the most of the experience just download the iChangi App and get started. If … Read more

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Flying Economy with Singapore Airlines to Philippines and Indonesia


My first trip with Singapore Airlines was a FAM in the business class. The aircraft was A380. After that I was a little unsure about flying economy with them. I took multiple flights with them recently. I flew Delhi-Singapore-Manila and back in October. It was followed by Delhi-Singapore-Jakarta. On the same trip I flew back … Read more

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The Excellent ZenFone 3 Camera Captures Beautiful Boracay


I recently had the opportunity to use ZenFone 3 from ASUS on my visit to Philippines. It is time to share the pictures with you! ZenFone 3 has 16 MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera. Other highlights are World’s First 14nm Snapdragon processor with with 64-Bit Octa-Core CPU @2.0Ghz. For me the camera is … Read more

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Will it be Singapore Again in 2016?


Photo Credit  R.A.R. de Bruijn Holding BV on Shutterstock There are many places in this world that have such fond memories for me. Ladakh is special because my first blog post (in 2005) was about it. London and Oxford are special because I used to go there repeatedly for work. Thailand is special because it is … Read more

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