Postcards from Nepal


If you love mountains, you will love Nepal. After all 8 of the 14 more than 8000 meters high peaks are located in Nepal! Nepal is a paradise for trekkers. Even though I was not trekking this time, I love going back to Nepal! Sharing the trip to Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan in pictures with … Read more

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Barahi Jungle Lodge- An Excellent Getaway to Chitwan National Park


Even though I have been to Nepal before, it was my first visit to Chitwan National Park. Barahi Jungle Lodge provided an excellent base to explore the park! I was invited by the Nepal Tourism Board and Barahi Hotels on this trip. Barahi Jungle Lodge has an excellent setting right by the Rapti River. The … Read more

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The Ultralight Flight Experience in Pokhara, Nepal

On my recent trip to Nepal, I did something for the first time! I sat in the passenger seat of an Ultralight open aircraft and off we went to the skies! My pilot for the flight was Binayak Bastola from Pokhara Ultralight and he inspired confidence! As the cockpit of the Aeros-2 trike plane is … Read more

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Diamox is Not a Substitute for Acclimatization


I am no expert on high altitude and high altitude sickness. It is commonly known as AMS or acute mountain sickness. But I am someone who loves going to the mountains. For me views are more important than gaining height. But as it is easy to gain height on treks these days, I have been … Read more

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23 Tips for First Time Trekkers


I first went on a trek in 2002 and how green I was! I trekked with Seshadri (my husband) to Sar Pass in Himachal Pradesh. He had been on a few treks in college itself. The stories he used to tell were enough to put anyone off trekking for ever! Once they were lost in … Read more

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Nepal Earthquake

I visited Nepal twice in 2012 and 2013 and I simply fell in love with the tiny nation. It feels like my other home. Like so many others my trips to Nepal have been for trekking- Everest Base Camp in 2012 and Annapurna Circuit in 2013. I was able to complete the EBC trek and … Read more

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Mountains, My Love

This is the first post from the new domain, about my first love, mountains. First off two big thank yous are due, first to Max Hartshorne, editor of Gonomad, who gave me my first break. You and Gonomad will always remain special. Second one is due to my brother-in-law Amrit Hallan who managed my domain shift … Read more

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Boats at the Phewa Lake- Pokhara, Nepal

December is the month of nostalgia. I usually do not do year round up but this year I am succumbing to it big time. You have been warned! Yesterday night I was browsing through my Facebook timeline. And it made me so happy looking at the pictures from the past trips, trips that are now … Read more

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Petrified of Street Photography? So am I!

I am truly petrified of street photography. It feels like a daunting task to point my camera at a stranger’s face and click. I know, I know in India not too many people mind, but I just completely freeze most of the time. And yet I was fascinated by it too. I would keep reading … Read more

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The Bumpy Ride from Beshishehar to Sangey, Nepal

These days as I have started playing around with videos I am looking at my old folders as well. I remember this bumpy ride from Beshishehar to Sangey really well. It required a strong back, it was that bumpy.  Sangey could be one of the starting points of Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal. Many people feel … Read more

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