6 Things 2020 Taught Me!


It has been that kind of a year that we are going to remember for a very long time. 2020 has been no ordinary year, it is ‘shake the foundations, change the paradigms’ kind of a year that I hope the universe is in no hurry to repeat. We all have been in it together, … Read more

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So You Want to Quit Your Studies and do Travel Blogging?

I quit my job about 4 years ago, I was totally not planning on it. I often say I do not miss work, but I certainly miss my salary. My blogging income is nowhere near my professor’s salary. But since I quit my job, it is assumed I quit it for traveling. Here is what … Read more

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Not Your Usual Travel Quotes II


I am back with the second edition of not your usual travel quotes. It is a little strange that I who not only do travel blogging think of these. Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel, it is the hype that I don’t get. When young people tell me they wish to quit their … Read more

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Why I Refuse to Find a Travel Blogging Niche


Read blogging advice and finding a travel blogging niche ranks up pretty high! Yet I refuse to find a travel blogging niche and here is why. I used to be an academician before I became a full-time blogger. My travel patterns were defined by who I am, before I became a full-time blogger and blogging … Read more

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Yoga Thoughts of a Novice


I grew up in a household where yoga was a part of our day to day life. It was nothing fancy, it was just something we did. My father practiced yoga at home and we as children just learned how to do it. I have seen the book of BKS Iyengar at home since my … Read more

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When My World Turned Upside Down in a Single Night


Have you experienced a moment when your world turns upside down in a single night? I hope it never happens, but when it does, it arrives without any warning. For me it was one day in October of 2010. It was a normal day. I arrived home from work cursing the traffic. My father took … Read more

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Travel Magic


It all started with a Twitter Chat that Divsi was holding today. She asked me about my travel inspiration. I told her I will do a Mallory on her, “I travel because the places are there.” He said something similar about climbing Everest! Don’t get me wrong, I love travel, I get the travel magic … Read more

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New Year Resolutions the 2016 Edition

I was looking for the resolutions I made in 2015 and then I found I made none! So the good news is that I don’t need to reevaluate how I fared! But I feel slightly puzzled, I thought I did put up some resolutions for 2015 too. That should give you a clue about me … Read more

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FAM Trips for Bloggers

On and often people ask me how do I get to go on many FAM trips for bloggers. And before you wonder FAM is a short form for familiarization. They are know by various other names like media trip, junket etc. There is a short answer to it and there is a long answer to … Read more

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Life Insurance is for Everyone

Life insurance is something we don’t think about much. It is a policy which is tucked away in some remote corner of the house. Many a times it is accompanied by a fear based message. After doing an exercise with Exide Life Insurance I realized that I hardly dream about anything else but travel! My … Read more

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