The Colosseum in Rome

This post is written by Alka Dwivedi, my sister. We traveled together to Budapest this year, via Rome and it was the trip of the year! Here is her account of visiting the Colosseum in Rome. I was travelling abroad with my sister for the first time. While going to Budapest, we were in Rome … Read more

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Hilton Rome Airport Hotel- It was a Mini Adventure to Find it


I booked Hilton Rome Airport Hotel for the simple reason that there is only one hotel which is directly accessible from Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport in Rome. It was my first trip with my sister as adults, so I was doing things properly. When we eventually reached the hotel, my sister remarked, “It is my … Read more

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The Metro Project in Rome


In this post, I bring to you the Metro Project in Rome. My sister Alka and I were in transit in Rome while we were on our way to Budapest. While I indulged in the Metro Project in a more comprehensive way at Budapest, I had a short tryst with it in Rome too! I … Read more

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Flying Delhi Rome Budapest and Back with Alitalia


While looking for tickets from Delhi to Budapest I gave various search engines a try! The best fares were thrown on Skyscanner and they were with Alitalia. However, there was a hitch. While coming back we had a night to spend in Rome. I still decided to take it as I would get to explore … Read more

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Leonardo Express Train from Rome Airport to Termini


We used the Leonardo Express Train from the Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino Airport in Rome to reach the city center in Rome, Termini. My sister and I were taking a vacation Budapest and our transit was in Rome. The good bit with Schengen Visa is that the immigration happens at the first point of entry and … Read more

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FlightHub presents the best of Rome’s Renaissance


Though the renaissance predominantly took place in the northern regions of Italy, such as Florence and Milan, the renaissance still touched Rome and its influences are still viewed by millions of tourists to this day. FlightHub Review has compiled a list of all the best Renaissance sites to see while in Rome. St. Peter’s Basilica … Read more

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FlightHub’s Guide to visiting the best of Ancient Rome


Rome is one of the most unique cities to have ever been built in the world. As a city that has stood the testament of time, people from around the world come to this Italian city to view the history of our own species through the architecture, the art and the food. FlightHub Review believes … Read more

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Venice: A Day Trip to Venice

Venice has been my dream destination since childhood. But my primary purpose for visiting Italy in the year 2003 was to attend an academic conference in Modena, and not tourism. The trip to Modena was possible because I got sponsorship from the University of Modena, Italy and Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) New … Read more

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