Postcards from Jerusalem

wailing wall jerusalem

I went on a trip to Israel in 2016 with the Israel Tourism Board. I visited Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Haifa and Tel Aviv as a part of the trip. I remember it as a hectic trip with mostly one night in each city except for Tel Aviv. But then a majority of blogging trips are … Read more

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A Visit to the Yvel Design Center in Israel


I am not much of a jewelry person, I am more of a camera lens person and believe me the camera lenses are as expensive. I have browsed through jewelry displays before but it was at Yvel┬áDesign Center (Israel) that I stood and took notice! It is another matter that almost everything was way too … Read more

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Israel- My Fascinating Visit to the Amazing Country


I am lucky that I visited Israel this year. It is a beautiful country, it is an ancient land and yet it is modern too. I visited Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and the Dead Sea. I loved them all. A lot of places that I visit I will call them fun, Israel is more than … Read more

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Flying Mumbai Tel Aviv Mumbai with El Al


On my recent trip to Israel I was flying Mumbai Tel Aviv Mumbai with El Al, the Israeli national carrier. It was my first flight with El Al. If I will remember one thing from the trip, it will be the level of security they deploy. At the outset, let me state very clearly, I … Read more

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Dead Sea is So Much Fun- A Trip to the Israel Side!


As I walked towards the Ein Bobek Beach, my eyes, I am sure, were twinkling. Dead Sea is so much fun and I was getting a second chance to indulge. I was so looking forward to it! Ein Bobek is on the Israel side of the Dead Sea. Dead Sea is a landlocked salt lake … Read more

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Dress Code for Women in Israel


If you are in a hurry and you need to read about dress code for women in Israel here is all you need to know- you can wear pretty much anything you wear at home! The only exception are some religious site in Jerusalem where they require both men and women to cover their shoulders … Read more

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