My 10 Best Travel Photos from 2015


It is December, it is time to go down the memory lane. And pictures come first. I actually scrolled through each of the outstation trip I took this year to pick up my 10 best travel photos from 2015. What surprised me was that some trips yield a lot of good pictures (Spiti readily comes … Read more

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Bhatoli Village Near Mussoorie


What do you do after building a wonderful resort like JW Marriott Mussoorie? Well you go ahead and curate wonderful experiences. I was part of the exciting #walnuttrail designed by JW Marriott Mussorie. I visited Bhatoli Village near Mussoorie as a part of the trail. If you wish to see how off beat it is … Read more

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Revisiting Dhankar after Eight years- Some Places Don’t Change Much


I consider Dhankar to be one of the most stunning places in the entire Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. I went there first in 2007 when Seshadri, Dilip and I were trekking in the region. We started our trek from Langza and ended at Dhankar. I was extremely thrilled to go back to Dhankar in 2015. … Read more

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Ten Things to Know Before you Travel to Spiti


Looking at your comments on my previous posts, a lot more people seem to be willing to travel to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. To make your journey more comfortable here are ten things to know before you travel to Spiti. It might provide some food for thought as well! Prepare for High Altitude Kaza the district … Read more

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The Gorgeous Spiti Valley

To me gorgeous skies and Spiti Valley are synonymous. I first ventured there in the year 2007. My husband, my nephew and I trekked from Langza to  Dhankar. I was an Assistant Professor at that time. Then came a lull of seven years. I went to Chandratal last year and I was a professor! Then … Read more

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How to Reach Chandratal Lake


I did a trip to Lahaul and Spiti in August 2015. When I posted some pictures of Chandratal Lake, people asked me how to go there, was there a resort nearby, etc. In this post I try to answer some questions related to How to reach Chandratal Lake? This is when I assume you are … Read more

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Postcards from Lahaul and Spiti


Everyone should visit Lahaul and Spiti once in their lifetimes. It was my third third trip to the region. I went in 2007 when we trekked through the region and then more recently to Chandratal in 2014. I say that one trip per year to Spiti is a must! I hope you will enjoy my … Read more

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The Beauty of Small Things

When I go on trekking I am taken in my things on large scale. We end up camping in places which are often the size of many football fields! I am so used to leading a cramped lifestyle in the city life. You practically rub shoulders with someone else all the time! So when I … Read more

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A Thank You Note to Our Trekking Guides

How is it possible that two women and two children go on a trek in Himachal Pradesh and come back to tell the happy tale? It is because of our incredible guide, Rama Kant Sharma and his team. I consider Himachal Pradesh safe for solo woman travel but I will think a hundred times before … Read more

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Trekking with my Daughter!

So many emotions that run through my heart when I think of my recent trek with Chhavi. We trekked up to Jamadi in Himachal Pradesh. It is not the first trek that I did with her. In fact, we took her on treks when she would go up on a pony. This was the first … Read more

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