French Food Fiesta at the Imperial Delhi

1911, the fine dining restaurant of the Imperial Delhi is hosting a French Food Fiesta from 12th to 21st July 2019 in honor of the Bastille Day! I was invited for the media lunch of the same! It is always a pleasure to go to the Imperial for they organize the events with a lot … Read more

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Mother’s Day Pampering at The Imperial Salon


My association as a blogger with The Imperial New Delhi is an old one. I always love going to their events. For this Mother’s Day they invited me to The Imperial Salon for a pampering session and I truly loved it. The Imperial’s Salon is housed in a beautiful building. The Spa is open only … Read more

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Christmas Cheer at The Imperial, Delhi


It is that time of the year, when the weather is excellent and festivity is in the air! I was part of the cheer at The Imperial Delhi which was such good fun. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by this beautifully done Christmas Tree in the lobby. It has been hand … Read more

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Clash of the Titans at the Daniell’s Tavern at the Imperial Delhi


I have visited The Imperial Delhi so many times as a blogger that I have lost count! If I am in town and if they are doing an event I love to go. There is a warmth about the place that makes it unique. I visited the place yesterday for the event ‘Clash of the … Read more

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Soap for Hope- An Amazing CSR Project by Diversey

Have you ever wondered  what happened to the used soap bars at hotels? In a 300 room hotel, even with 50 percent occupancy a lot of soap bars would get discarded daily. I often pondered over it. But never found an answer till I came across Soap for Hope project for the first time at … Read more

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What to See in 2 days in New Delhi


The capital of India is a bustling metropolis full of must-see landmarks and cultural attractions. New Delhi actually forms a small part of Delhi itself, setting the modern district apart from the traditional areas. This city was designed by a British architect and today, you can see the heavy influence of European style throughout the … Read more

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Staycation at Pullman Aerocity New Delhi with Chhavi


Chhavi and I had the pleasure to go for a staycation (on invitation) to Pullman Aerocity New Delhi for one night. After a while she told me, “this is the most stylish hotel I have come across!” I am always happy to spend time with the kid on holidays and staycations as she is a … Read more

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Exploring Safdarjung Tomb with Infinix Note 4


Ever since I realized I have explored very little of my own neighbourhood, I have been trying to set it right. So, when I got a new phone, Infinix Note 4 to review, I decided to get out and explore, both the phone and a monument (Safdarjung Tomb)in my own vicinity. Metro is my preferred … Read more

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How Well Have You Explored Your Own City?


When I used to work, I frequently used to say, “when I travel I want to put at least 400-500 kilometers between me and home, the more the better!” And I usually did that. In the process I have hardly explored my own backyard. The most recent round of realization came after looking at some … Read more

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How to Get Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Test done at AIIMS


Partial View of the Queue at Patient Reception Center, AIIMS Delhi It is painful enough to see your child see struggle at school as a parent. These days CBSE schools ask for Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Test in such cases to rule out any specific learning disability like dyslexia, dysgraphia etc. CBSE accepts such results … Read more

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