Temps de Flors- Girona Flower Festival 2017


I was lucky to attend the Girona Flower Festival 2017, known as Temps de Flors. This was my first visit to the beautiful region of Catalonia in Spain. The Temps de Flors started in 1954. This year it was held from 13 to 21 May. The beautiful city of Girona gets decked in floral arrangements … Read more

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Bimmah or Hawaiyat Najm Sinkhole in Oman


The Hawaiyat Najm Sinkhole in Oman is a thing of beauty. It is known by many names, Hawaiyat Najm, Bimmah Sinkhole or Dabab Sinkhole. It is on the road between Dabab and Bimmah hence the last two names. There are two theories about its formation. One is the scientific one, that the limestone interacted with … Read more

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10 Long Weekend Destinations Around Delhi NCR


I am told that 2017 is the year of long weekends. Personally life has been a long weekend since May 2015, after I quit my full time job. But I still remember the thrill of being able to work out my leaves around a long weekend. So, here are 10 long weekend destinations around Delhi … Read more

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Summer Holidays are Here Again!


I have mixed feelings about summer holidays. On one hand it makes family travel easy, on the other it turns the whole of India and beyond into fish market! As we Indians are family oriented and over 1 billion, summer vacations mean crowds, high prices and a wait everywhere. And I am not a fan … Read more

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Dress Code for Women in Prague


I was wondering if I need to change the title ‘Dress Code for Women in Prague’ to something like what to wear in Prague or what to pack? But then I decided to be consistent. In Prague you can wear anything you please. However, the weather often makes it very clear what one should wear! … Read more

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Astoria Hotel in Prague


I traveled to Prague for a personal vacation with my daughter and niece whom I call double trouble. I booked my flight and hotel with Makemytrip. They offered me the Astoria Hotel in Prague and after reading the reviews I agreed to book it. We had a wonderful stay with them. I love it when … Read more

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Things to do in Sharjah


What is there to do in Sharjah? The answer is there are many things to do in Sharjah- from souks to walks to museums and much more. Shopping Even though I am not much of a shopping fan, let me start with shopping in Sharjah because that is the first thing I did there! I … Read more

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Dress Code for Women in Myanmar


I visited Yangon and Inle Lake in Myanmar for Escapers17. It was a fast paced super fun event. I still found time to look at what was the dress code for women in Myanmar. The local women dress beautifully in Longyi and tops. Men also wrap the same longyi in a slightly different style. Given … Read more

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Double Trouble and I in Prague


Prague was the second trip when I took my niece and daughter, Vasu and Chhavi abroad. Together they are known as double trouble. The first time we went to Hong Kong,┬áit was in 2014. I was the only adult on both the trips! In 2015 the kids didn’t go abroad, I was too busy quitting … Read more

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Flying from Jaipur to Singapore with Scoot


As I live in Gurgaon, I take all my flights out of Delhi. I have flown to Johannesburg and Tel Aviv from Mumbai but the starting point was still, Delhi as I took Delhi-Mumbai flights. So, flying from Jaipur to Singapore with Scoot was a novelty for me. I was flying Jaipur Singapore on Scoot … Read more

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