Dress Code for Women in Mauritius


Dress Code for Women in Mauritius is relaxed, you can pretty much wear what you please! Mauritius has a strong connection with India but their dress sense is closer to the western world. In the picture above you can see the skirts worn by the pretty women of Mauritius while doing the traditional dance, Sega. … Read more

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Food at Makhan Restaurant, Mercure Dwarka


Sometimes I sort pictures before I write a post. This is one such post. When I looked at the pictures I immediately realized this post is going to be more about ‘food and me’ rather than food at Makhan Restaurant at Mercure Dwarka! You will see in a moment why! When I look at food … Read more

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A Trip to Inle Lake, Myanmar with Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min

I visited the beautiful Inle Lake in Myanmar as part of #escapers17. It is a super event organized by Scoot and Accor Hotels. It is one trip that I will remember for a long time for all kind of reasons! It was a trip where I caught a flight every day for about five days … Read more

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Cadaques, Spain- I Would Like to Go Back!


As our car pulled in to the parking lot at Cadaques my first feeling was of relief. We had taken the winding road from the town of Roses and I get motion sickness on such roads. Though I did fine this time, all the same I was happy to jump out of the car and … Read more

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The View from the Hotel Window


Most of my blogging trips are work, they are hectic, I have to find good pictures, I need to take notes and generally see how the stories would work out. We are usually in a group which leaves the hotel in the morning right after breakfast, to return after only dinner. And then we get … Read more

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Where My Travels Took Me in the First Six Months in 2017


If someone told me that I would travel a lot in the first six months of 2017 I would not have been surprised. After all, I traveled a lot in 2016 too. What I didn’t expect was so many foreign trips. This year I have already clocked two personal trips too! So here is where … Read more

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Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, Oman


I remember walking by the torch light towards the beach. It was a windy night! We were at Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve in Oman. We had checked in earlier in the evening and we gathered in the lobby after dinner for our turtle watching session. Our Omani guide kept a brisk pace and we … Read more

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Celler La Vinyeta in Catalonia, Spain


It was a nice sunny day. Our van almost got stuck on a narrow lanes of Mollet de Peralada¬†when an elderly man came out and told our driver to back up and take another road. After that we arrived at the Celler La Vinyeta soon. I have visited a vineyard in Khao Yai, Thailand too … Read more

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Singapore in Pictures


I have the exact same feeling about doing a post on Singapore as I had for London. Both the places are popular, everyone has seen the famous landmarks a gazillion times already! Still as I have a lot of pictures from my trip, I end up presenting Singapore in pictures on my blog. Singapore will … Read more

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Flying Barcelona Zurich Delhi with Swiss


There was a time when the thought of catching a flight would make my eyes sparkle. Then I started catching about 4 flights in a month! Soon, I just wanted to reach my destination and flight became a necessary ‘thing’ to get there. I was saying to someone recently, “I no longer enjoy flights, I … Read more

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