IndiGo Launches New Direct Flight from Kolkata to Ho Chi Minh City

It was pouring buckets while I stood on the tarmac of the Ho Chi Minh City’s International Airport, waiting the arrival of the IndiGo’s inaugural flight from Kolkata to Ho Chi Minh City! I was invited to the event in Vietnam by the IndiGo Airlines. A few of us had the airport access to await … Read more

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On Board the Inaugural Chennai Colombo Flight 6E 1201 with Indigo


Lack of sleep is something that makes me feel like a dead fish! I barely got 2 hours of sleep before I boarded the inaugural Chennai Colombo Flight 6E 1201 with Indigo Airlines. Because @IndiGo6E is flying Chennai Colombo for the first time and I am going to be on that flight! — Mridula … Read more

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Flying Delhi Rome Budapest and Back with Alitalia


While looking for tickets from Delhi to Budapest I gave various search engines a try! The best fares were thrown on Skyscanner and they were with Alitalia. However, there was a hitch. While coming back we had a night to spend in Rome. I still decided to take it as I would get to explore … Read more

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Flying Barcelona Zurich Delhi with Swiss


There was a time when the thought of catching a flight would make my eyes sparkle. Then I started catching about 4 flights in a month! Soon, I just wanted to reach my destination and flight became a necessary ‘thing’ to get there. I was saying to someone recently, “I no longer enjoy flights, I … Read more

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Flying from Jaipur to Singapore with Scoot


As I live in Gurgaon, I take all my flights out of Delhi. I have flown to Johannesburg and Tel Aviv from Mumbai but the starting point was still, Delhi as I took Delhi-Mumbai flights. So, flying from Jaipur to Singapore with Scoot was a novelty for me. I was flying Jaipur Singapore on Scoot … Read more

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Why I Love to Transit via Changi Airport, Singapore

I love to transit via Changi Airport in Singapore. Particularly if it is a long transit, I definitely want it to be via a happening airport like Chnagi. If you are at Changi there are many things to do. To make the most of the experience just download the iChangi App and get started. If … Read more

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Flying Economy with Singapore Airlines to Philippines and Indonesia


My first trip with Singapore Airlines was a FAM in the business class. The aircraft was A380. After that I was a little unsure about flying economy with them. I took multiple flights with them recently. I flew Delhi-Singapore-Manila and back in October. It was followed by Delhi-Singapore-Jakarta. On the same trip I flew back … Read more

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Flying Mumbai Tel Aviv Mumbai with El Al


On my recent trip to Israel I was flying Mumbai Tel Aviv Mumbai with El Al, the Israeli national carrier. It was my first flight with El Al. If I will remember one thing from the trip, it will be the level of security they deploy. At the outset, let me state very clearly, I … Read more

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Dubai International Airport- My First Experience


Photo Credit- Jag_cz/Shutterstock I became acquainted with Dubai International Airport in 2001. I was flying Delhi-Dubai-Athens and back and was a Ph.D. student then. I was wide-eyed too, sometimes I miss that, I don’t think I am that wide-eyed anymore! This was my second trip abroad, the first being to Singapore in 1999! However, in … Read more

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Srilankan Airline- Blogger on Board!


I recently flew Delhi-Colombo-Delhi with SriLankan Airlines. I was going to Sri Lanka to attend the TBC Asia 2016 with Cinnamon Hotels. The fun started at the check in. I was given an envelope and there was something in it for me. I had ample time before I was to board the flight, so off … Read more

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