The Ultralight Flight Experience in Pokhara, Nepal

On my recent trip to Nepal, I did something for the first time! I sat in the passenger seat of an Ultralight open aircraft and off we went to the skies! My pilot for the flight was Binayak Bastola from Pokhara Ultralight and he inspired confidence! As the cockpit of the Aeros-2 trike plane is … Read more

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The Zip Rider at the Bobrovy Log Fun Park, Krasnoyarsk


I have a love/fear relationship with adventure. Before the adventure begins I fear it a little (OK sometimes a lot) but I love it after I am done with it. But the zip line or the zip rider is one activity I can approach without fear for the simple reason that I have done it … Read more

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Sampath the Cliff Jumper from Galle, Sri Lanka

Cliff Jumping Galle

I have a soft spot for Galle as I visited it with my nephew first! We were staying at Unawatuna and hopped over to Galle in 2013. Then meeting Sampath the cliff jumper from Galle in 2018 has added another fond memory to it! So here I am at Galle again, writing this post as … Read more

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My First Flyboard Experience at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand


The year feels a little incomplete if I do not visit Thailand at least once. I have been a regular visitor to Thailand since 2013, I have been there nine times already. On this trip to Koh Samui I realized that it doesn’t feel foreign to me any more! I feel at home in Thailand! … Read more

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Mount Merapi Jeep Tour with Off Roading at Kali Kuning


Mount Merapi is an active volcano near Yogyakarta in Indonesia. I did a Mount Merapi Jeep Tour with Kali Kuning Jeep Bashing but it was a rainy day. Our start point was Desa Pentingsari. We got into open jeeps and headed out in the afternoon after lunch. Early on, the sky turned black and it … Read more

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Helmet Diving in Boracay, Philippines


The day we went Island hopping in Boracay I already had a lot of excitement. I indulged in snorkeling and cliff jumping already, I was not sure if I was looking for any more excitement. But when helmet diving in Boracay was offered I could not let it go . We went to the platform where … Read more

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Cliff Jumping in Boracay, Philippines


As I walked the narrow platform over the cliff, it looked incredibly high. Even though the height was clearly marked at 10 meters it felt like a long distance to the water below. I have done cliff jumping before in Rishikesh. When I realized Cliff Jumping was on my itinerary in Boracay, Philippines too, I … Read more

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The Ultimate Abyss Slide on the Harmony of the Seas- I did it!


While I was waiting my turn on the Ultimate Abyss, the behemoth slide on the Harmony of the Seas, the two people sliding down at that moment were screaming at the top of their lungs! It felt like they were being tortured inside! There was just one more person ahead of me and soon it … Read more

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Gangtok Offers an Exciting Experience for Adventurous Travelers


Gangtok is India’s gateway to the Himalayan Mountains, and it is quickly becoming an industry leading and world class destination for adventurous Indian travelers who are looking to enjoy good food, great wilderness, pristine ecosystems and exquisite hiking. If you are considering a stay in a one of the Sterling Holidays resorts in Gangtok or … Read more

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Parasailing for Kids in Goa


When we went on a family vacation, parasailing for kids in Goa was never on the agenda. But they managed to put it there soon and were done with it too! We finally managed to take a family vacation to South Goa this November. We all travel a lot, my husband does, so do I! … Read more

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