Going Places- IV

You know what is the good bit about traveling? Not only you enjoy the trip, you get to enjoy the memories too. My way of keeping a journal is through the pictures I click. I have tried experimenting with videos on and often, without any great success. After getting hooked to the Instagram Reels, I feel this might change.

I have been creating reels for every country that I have visited, and sharing them here too, 4 at a time. You can read the Part 1, 2 and 3 from the links. Onward to the next four countries, Finland, Jordan, Bhutan and Hong Kong.

13. Finland

Finland was a winter fairy tale, it was beyond anything I had ever seen. I was lucky to go to Lapland and experience a bit of Sami culture too. I went in March of 2014, it was a blogging trip with Noika and the highest temperature was 1 degree Celsius.

14. Jordan

I went to Jordan soon after Finland. This was a special blogging trip too! I was invited by the Jordan Tourism Board to Cover the Pope’s visit to Jordan! It was the first time I floated on the Dead Sea too.

Finland and Jordan were also special because both the PR contacts were my former students!

15. Bhutan

I had an opportunity to go to Bhutan in 2014 with Make My Trip on a blogging trip. Bhutan is our neighbor and it is stunningly beautiful. I totally love their tranquil vibe.

16. Hong Kong


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When I look back, I realize 2014 was an amazing year travel wise. I got to see so many new places. But it is extra special because I took my niece Vasudha and daughter Chhavi on their first trip abroad. I was brave I ventured out with two kids and two suitcases. The suitcases behaved well, the girls are naughty. This trip will always remain special for the three of us!

While I wait for an opportunity to travel, I take this time to enjoy my trips again! How are you coping with these times?

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