Destination Russia: A Fascinating Book

Destination Russia is a fascinating book. It has a full name ‘Destination Russia: A ship and a cat in the tundra and other extra-ordinary encounters.’ It is written by Roberta Melchiorre and Fabio Bertino.

I totally loved the start of the book. It talks about the authors reserving tickets from Warsaw to Belarus with the website of the German Railway Company Deutsche Bhan. While it was super efficient to to book the tickets, boarding the train with the same tickets was anything but easy!

The book is divided into travel stories around the places mostly in Russia. But places from the former USSR feature too. There are big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but there are stories from the far flung corners, Vorkuta, Kyzyl and more.

Having traveled to Russia myself, I have experienced its charms first hand! It is very easy to see that the authors love Russia! They also have a penchant to talk about small things, like cats, train attendants, far away monasteries, attending opera and interacting with Shamans! Two chapters that particularly stood out for me were on visiting Chernobyl and traveling in the Trans Siberian Railway.

Many of us grew up on reading the Hindi and English translation of Russian books in childhood. India and Russia have been close allies since long. The book will appeal to the Indian people who have a soft corner for Russia. To all those who have been to Russia on a short trip, this book makes us realize that there is so much more to see.

Finally to all those who love to travel and take delight in the small things that the journey brings, this book is a true delight!

You can check out Destination Russia at the Amazon and Facebook.

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17 thoughts on “Destination Russia: A Fascinating Book”

  1. Russian stories have always been intriguing and I have always loved to read them. Thanks for sharing this review 🙂

  2. True. You just brought back memories of the many Russian Folk Tales I read when I was a little girl. It’s high time I introduced my kids to that.

    This book you mention here sounds like a different kind of book on a destination.

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