Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in Pictures!

One of my favorite ways of showing a place is through pictures! I identify most with pictures, much more than words or videos. So, here is an attempt to present the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia through my most preferred medium.

The first picture is my favorite as it was one of my first glimpses of the city center. This was the view from my 8th Floor corridor window (not room) at the Novotel Krasnoyarsk hotel and what a lovely view it was!

Summer in Siberia

In spite of reading and researching before I went to Siberia, I was stilling clinging to my myth,ย of Siberia being under snow for the whole year! But after seeing flowers and greenery throughout, I was forced to change my opinion.

City Day Celebrations at Krasnoyarsk

I was lucky to see the vibrant City Day celebrations at Krasnoyarsk. The weather was mild and people were in a festive mood. People were out in numbers in the streets.

The Streets of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

Krasnoyarsk is a modern city but there are quirky old wooden buildings and doors interspersed right through the city center and they are such a delight!

The Interiors of the Yushin Brothers

Talking about quirky reminds me of Yushin Brothers which is a barber shop which doubles up as a bar! It is the most interesting barbershop I have ever visited! In the picture above is the seating area of the bar, the barber shop is on the other side.

The Library at the Yushin Brothers

I will also remember Yushin Brothers for the fantastic people we met there including Denis Yushin and Baba Lena.

Siberia- Natural Beauty!

Siberia is high on natural beauty and Krasnoyarsk is no exception. This is a random shot that I took near Bobrovy Log Fun Park!

Hiking around Bobrovy Log, Krasnoyarsk

Bobrovy Log itself offers hiking and a tryst with nature even though it is a fun park primarily. However, the most popular attraction around Krasnoyarsk is Stolby.

A Siberian Nuthatch at Stolby Nature Reserve

Stolby Nature Reserve is popular with rock climbers. But it has great hiking opportunities even without serious rock climbing.


I was lucky to win a seat in the Follow Up Siberia contest for their second tour. Their is still one last tour to Siberia left with them, do check it out.

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