The Zip Rider at the Bobrovy Log Fun Park, Krasnoyarsk

I have a love/fear relationship with adventure. Before the adventure begins I fear it a little (OK sometimes a lot) but I love it after I am done with it. But the zip line or the zip rider is one activity I can approach without fear for the simple reason that I have done it many times in the past. I have done in over the sea in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and surrounded by the tress in Chiang Mai, Thailand! I had no inkling that I would be going on the zip rider in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia too.

The length of the zip line at the Bobrovy Log Fun Park is about 760 meters (2490 feet) and the top speed is 88 kmph (55 mph). Four people can ride side by side and we all were from the Follow Up Siberia group! And you get to go up a ski lift to reach the Zip Riding point.

I did not approach the station with my heart thudding in my mouth as I have lived to tell the the tale in all my past encounters! I presumed this was not going to be any different! However, it was for the first time that I was trying to make a video on my GoPro as I was flying on the line!

I did strap the camera to my wrist just to be sure that it would not fall in the abyss below even by mistake. I did not find it unduly difficult to use the camera on the go!


I had no idea before I heard myself that I scream and laugh so much during the ride! I am glad that I had the presence of mind to do something with the camera! I think it is fun to get the experience on the video! Here is having many more such screaming experiences across the globe!

10 thoughts on “The Zip Rider at the Bobrovy Log Fun Park, Krasnoyarsk”

  1. Zip lining is one sport where you don’t need physical fitness – just a handle over the fear of heights. I’ve done it twice and both times I felt my heart jump out!! Siberia sounds beautiful … Will check out other articles.

  2. Wow… the zip rider activity looks adventurous.
    It was interesting to watch you in the video on the zip line. The video is nicely captured. Other riders on parallel lines are also visible. Enjoyed reading this post and watching the video. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Mridula.

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