Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is My Happy Place!

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is my happy place and there are many reasons for this. Before I go any further I have been invited to Narendra Bhawan as a blogger and before that to their sister concern Suryagarh as a blogger too. My association goes back to 2012 and I always go back for more!

Now that I am done with the disclaimers and associations let me go back to the hotel! I highly recommend Narendra Bhawan Bikaner and here is why.

Fabulous Property and Rooms


Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is the former residence of the last king of Bikaner Shri Narendra Singh ji. It has been turned into a fabulous property with imagination, love and care.


I have stayed in the prince room. The room size is huge yet it is cozy. The bathroom has all the right amenities! You will be comfortable in the room!



I am not a food person but Narendra Bhawan excells in presenting food experiences. It is difficult to choose one to recommend so I presenting the entire range to you.

The most unfamiliar for me was the blindfolded dinner! I had to touch everything and then eat! I initially was jittery thinking I will never get out without breaking something. But after a while I did fine! We were free to speak among us but the servers would not speak! It was quite an experience.

Then there was literary lunch where they have dishes inspired by famous books! They give you the booklet which has the relevant passages about the dish. They do an interpretation of the dish both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. This too was quite an experience.


Then there is museum dinner at Lakshmi Niwas Palace. The room itself is incredible. It was where King Ganga Singh ji would receive his guests. The walls of the room have gold engravings to the tune of about 50 KG. The menu served is adapted from a royal menu!


Then there is the outdoor sundowner/dinner which is a beauty to behold. You sit by a lake for sundowner followed by the dinner. As the darkness engulfs tiny lanterns and millions of stars give you company.

Then there is a regular coffee shop called ‘Mad Hatter’ and the regular restaurant Pearls and Chiffon! The breakfast can cater to traditional Bikaner fare to sumptuous chrrio!

The Experiences

Narendra Bhawan has two signature experiences the Royal Tour and the Merchant Tour.


The Royal Tour takes you through the history of Bikaner starting at the Rao Bika ki Tekri and ending with the museum lunch!


The merchant experience takes you through the glorious havelis and bazaars of Bikaner with a traditional lunch at a haveli!

Working with the Local Artisans and Businesses


Above all I like Narendra Bhawan because they work with local businesses and artists!

The welcome drink they serve, mine was bela sharbat is made by a 60 year old local business. They collaborate with the famous miniature artist Mahavir Swami ji. They also collaborate with usta art mastero Ajmal Usta ji.


And if I love them a little more, it is because of the people of Narendra Bhawan because where else would you find the general manager of the hotel working with the serving staff and clearing plates?

PS. I was invited to Narendra Bhawan Bikaner and I like Always had a Gala Time!


20 thoughts on “Narendra Bhawan Bikaner is My Happy Place!”

  1. I love the reasons for which you like Narendra Bhavan… Every common person is obviously curious about royal lifestyle. A common person enjoying royal lifestyle with a royal family that encourages local businesses… I think, this is the best example of ‘सह वीर्यं करवावहै’

  2. बहुत बढ़िया !! आप शायद यहां पहले भी जा चुके हैं ? शायद पिछले साल ही ?

  3. Hi! Mridula
    Warm regards from Narendra Bhawan! We appreciate all the things you’ve mentioned about Narendra Bhawan Palace and its hospitality. Surely, you’ve captured very beautiful memories from your visit. We are extremely grateful for this detailed post.

  4. This is almost certainly one of the best heritage hotels in Bikaner I have ever stayed in. Not only is it luxurious and stylish but also welcoming.

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