Must-Visit Places on a Day Trip to Borivali

By Mridula Dwivedi October 18, 2017 2 Comments

Suppose, while you are about to book Puri hotels online, you realize that you do not have much time to travel back and forth from eastern India. Yes, you feel heartbroken as you will have to cancel your plans. However, what if instead of cancelling your trip you could change it? If you are from Maharashtra, a day trip to Borivali would be a perfect thing to do in this case.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park: The Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) was previously known as the Borivali National Park. This park is situated in the metropolitan itself and, thus, the overcrowded city gets to witness the beauty of a rich flora and fauna here. The rich variety of species is not the only thing the Sanjay Gandhi National Park boasts of. This park also guards the age-old Kanheri Caves, a major tourist attraction, in its interior. The park is perfect for a field trip especially for those who have an interest in the field of Biology.


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Kanheri Caves: When you visit a national park, you would expect to experience the breathtaking beauty of nature. However, how would you feel if bang in the middle of the greenery you get to witness one of the best architectural shreds of evidence from the past? Yes, the Kanheri Caves date back to the period of 1st Century BC to 10th Century AD. During this period, 109 caves were carved out from basalt, that is, the black rock in that region. As you step inside the Kanheri Caves, you will be astonished to see the cave paintings and accurate sculptures of the ancient period. No wonder this is a lovely shooting spot!

Gorai Beach: When you feel that the water is beckoning you, the Gorai Beach is the place that you should visit. This beach is less crowded compared to the others. Hence, if you want to enjoy a picnic on a warm afternoon, the Gorai Beach would be ever ready to surprise you with its natural beauty. The Gorai Beach is also popular among the lovebirds who are often spotted walking down the beach holding hands. And, in case you want to visit the beach alone, a sweet coconut would surely give you company while you rest under the shade.

Marine Drive: If you are feeling lonely and you have no place to go to, you can take a cab to Marine Drive and sit there the entire day. The gushing waters of the Arabian Sea overlooking the sturdy banks of the Marine Drive would make you feel at ease. You will get an opportunity to know yourself in a better way and overcome the difficulties after introspection.

Shopping at Fashion Street: If you have visited these places several times and want to go for shopping, the Fashion Street should be able to meet your expectations. If you want to buy something to enhance your dressing sense without burning a hole in your pocket, you can pick up fashionable items at the Fashion Street that is close to Borivali.

Take a Tour on a Local Train: The local trains in Mumbai are quite famous all over the world because of the crowd. If you really want to enjoy the Marathi hustle and bustle, nothing would be better than boarding a local train and travelling a certain distance. Common, one journey won’t kill you!

Thus, you can comprehend that exploring Borivali can be one of the best day trips you have gone through in quite some time. If you can plan out the day well, Borivali can prove to be a charming destination!


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