Food at Makhan Restaurant, Mercure Dwarka

By Mridula Dwivedi October 17, 2017 10 Comments , ,

Sometimes I sort pictures before I write a post. This is one such post. When I looked at the pictures I immediately realized this post is going to be more about ‘food and me’ rather than food at Makhan Restaurant at Mercure Dwarka! You will see in a moment why!

When I look at food I wonder why I only look at desserts? I can stretch it to bakery in general but that is about it! The food at the Makhan Restaurant has a variety of options, it is me who narrowed it down to sweets!

Doughnuts for Breakfast

Now there were so many options for breakfast at Mercure Dwarka but what do I have pictures of? I have doughnuts! I ate one too, on a sharing basis once! What else do I have?

Baked Delights!

Of course I had to go ahead and click the entire bakery counter next as if that is the only thing I ate! I ate fruits, I took juice and I would have one Indian option like poha, dosa or puri bhaji. But do I have any pictures of anything else other than bakery? No,I don’t!

Thankfully I clicked the excellent Gujarati Thali that I ate for lunch on the day I arrived at Dwarka.

Gujarati Thali at Mercure Dwarka

The Gurajati Thali had a lot of good stuff, like tamater sev ki sabji, thepla, rengna batata (aalo baingan) daal and more. It went down so well with masala chach (butter milk).

Lunch at Mercure Dwarka

This was the shared lunch we ordered. I went with pasta which was mild and good. I tasted all the Indian choices too, daal, naan, paneer, I would recommend it all too.

I Eat Salads Too!

For dinner I have only one picture of salad. Of course I clicked more desserts! The cabbage, peanuts and bell pepper salad was excellent! There used to be a big buffet for dinner with both Indian and continental options! However, only vegetarian food is served at Mercure Dwarka given the religious nature of the destination.

Chocolate Brownie

A post that begins with desserts ends with dessert. Guess what, I didn’t even eat that chocolate brownie but when it comes to clicking food my bias clearly shows! I have to do something about it!

To recap there is one restaurant at Mercure Dwarka, Makhan. They do have room service. Light snacks are available 24 hours through room service. Only vegetarian food is served at Mercure Dwarka as Dwarka is a religious city. You get a variety of veg food there, don’t go by my pictures! I only clicked desserts, I ate much more!

PS. I was invited on this trip to Dwarka by Mercure Dwarka as a Travel Blogger.

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