When I took my daughter and niece abroad for the very first time

By Mridula Dwivedi March 11, 2017 10 Comments

When we adopted our daughter, it took us some time to get her birth certificate! As soon as we got it we applied for her passport. And it arrived without any hitches. Now both my daughter and niece had passports, but without any stamps. This was in 2014! I told them let’s go on a holiday abroad. Their unanimous decision was Disneyland. I was the only adult interested in the adventure in both the families and I had the courage to take them only up to Hong Kong! So, that is how we decided on our epic adventure!

Now that they knew they were going to Disneyland, their excitement knew no bounds. They were 7 and 9 at that point, Chhavi was so small that I had to lift her up to show her face at the immigration counter! However, they wanted to know everything about their trip in advance!

Once I booked the package they took me to my brother in law’s large screen desktop. I think they liked the desktop the most because it was big and everything looked crystal clear on it. They demanded that I show them the pictures of the hotel which I promptly did! They then wanted to know how our room looked! I had to tell them I do not know the exact room. Next, they wanted to know if there was a swimming pool in the hotel or not? Luckily there was!

Of course they had some idea of Disneyland from the various cartoons they used to watch! Yet they wanted to see how it looked in pictures! They decided they would get a picture clicked with the characters.

My niece then asked me if there were any Starbucks in Hong Kong and if there were, they would like to go to one! I had to once again search for it and convince that we would find many coffee shops in Hong Kong and they could choose where they wanted to go!

And then we went on the trip! The day we visited Disneyland was a Sunday and it was the school holiday season in Hong Kong. Every ride that was interesting had a 60 minute wait. By 4.00 pm the girls told me they were tired and they wanted to go back to the hotel!

This trip was a real adventure. One that made me realize that children today know exactly what they want and also, where they need to go to know more about whatever it may be that they are looking for.

My next gift to my daughter is definitely going to be a PC. Her curious mind is quite demanding and needs to be justified on many occasions.

With #DellAarambh, I strive to initiate a conversation among those I know, with parents I know, to be more involved and more forthcoming towards the benefits that a PC has to offer. Let us all, adventure on, towards a more fruitful way of learning.


10 thoughts on “When I took my daughter and niece abroad for the very first time”

  1. Kids and their curious mind! Your story reminded us of our first foreign trip with our parents and how curious we were to know everything about the trip, so we had asked our dad to get us a printed itinerary and how we were tracked our day to day actives…:)

  2. You managed two children alone on a far off trip? That shows what a versatile traveller you are. Disneyland must have been fun and this post must have been overloaded with the clicks of their happy moments, ain’t it?

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