The Usual London Pictures- Gazillion Plus One Times

There are quite a few London pictures that must have been clicked a gazillion times. Well here is a post making it gazillion plus one! You know all the sights, You must have seen them a million times already, I invite you to view them one more time, through my lens!


The Landing at Heathrow!

I will start at the beginning with the landing at Heathrow. I had my window seat but I do not have much to boast for it!


The Red Bus!

A very common site across London is the striking red bus! It is a lot more fun when you get it against a landmark like Big Ben!


London Duck Tours!

I saw the Duck Tours buses for the first time, but then what do I know? They might have been around since ages! I wonder how their tours are, their bus for sure is eye-catching.


The Usual London Weather!

I got two bright and sunny days in London and then I got the usual London weather on the last day. I am not complaining at all.


The Green Side!

On a sunny day, so many people were out in the park, enjoying. I simply can’t remember where I clicked this though! It is somewhere close to Tower Hill but other than that just can’t figure out which park is this, even with Google.


Tower Hill

Got the Tower Hill on a moody, mildly rainy evening. But the weather changed for better quickly. I continued walking in the area for two hours more!


The London Skyline!

It was my first glimpse of Shard. I can only imagine the view from the top on a nice sunny day, particularly at the sunset!


The Natural History Museum!

The Natural History Museum is huge. I just ran around here and there. And then I went back as I had a plane to catch! I learned that all the national museums in London have free entry for the main collections! i have marked this bit for the next time!


London Underground!

Off all thing in London, I fell in love with the London Underground! So, with the picture number 10 and without much rhyme or reason, I end my post of the London pictures posted a gazillion times before! I hope you still enjoyed them!

44 thoughts on “The Usual London Pictures- Gazillion Plus One Times”

  1. Mridula, with you behind the camera pix look stunning even if seen before. I had very much liked your Leh – Spiti Mountain and Monastery collection.

    • Bushra I am heading to Spiti in August again! I am excited about it!

  2. When I was reading the Satanic Verses, the part where Gibreel and Farishta were plunging in the skies of London, I used to imagine the sky in many ways. Today you gave a real picture of the view in ‘The Landing at Heathrow’. Beautifully shot, all of them.

    • Thank you Anupam. I have not read the book but happy to hear about it.

    • I am in that camp but then everyone posts these pictures!

  3. Wonderful clicks, Mridula! London Duck Tours picture is something which I have never seen before.

  4. Beautiful captures Mridula.. Have never been to London.. thanks for the virtual tour!!!

  5. Wow nice pictures. It is refreshing to see such good weather in London. I always get to see gloomy weather. It was raining the entire time I was there many years back. 🙂

    • I too often got the clouds and grey weather but not this time!

  6. Beautiful captures, loved them. Refreshed our memory of London. Funny story Swati and I were out to see Big Ben and London Eye. We got down at Westiminster tube station and were looking all around for Big Ben, we could see London Eye but not Big Ben and then the BIG clock struck, we turned around and realized we were standing right under it.
    We were saved from making a fool of ourselves by asking someone where was Big Ben. 😀 😀

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