Arugam Bay- A Hot Surfing Spot in Eastern Sri Lanka

Truth be told I was tired when I arrived at Arugam Bay in eastern Sri Lanka. It took us longer to reach from Digana, where we were staying at the previous night. The route was beautiful. In fact the whole of Sri Lanka, in whichever way I have traveled, is scenic.


Somewhere on the Digana Arugam Bay Route

Maybe it was because we took so many unscheduled stops for photography that we were late in reaching at Arugm Bay. I remember the spot, because we requested for the bus to stop, so that we could get down and click pictures.


From a Moving Bus!

I clicked this one from the moving bus. I wonder what is it with water bodies and Sri Lanka, the country is full of them. It makes the place doubly beautiful. We made another stop near a paddy field where fellow bloggers took out their drones to shoot! We also ate mangoes from a local fruit shop, it was great fun.


Arugam Bay- First Glimpse

After the fruit stop, it was a long drive to Arugam Bay. But I immediately perked up when I saw the first glimpse of the ocean. We stayed at Bay Vista, a hotel right by the sea. Both at Arugam Bay and  Batticaloa our hosts, Cinnamon Hotels didn’t have a property.


A Fisharman Mending his Net at Arugam Bay

We were supposed to go to the Kumana National Park after arriving at Arugam Bay. But as we were late in arriving, it was shifted to the next morning. We had a 5.00 am start the next day! I was not in a good mood but only till I walked up to the beach!

Right next to the hotel, the elderly gentleman was mending his net. I asked if I could click his picture, he smiled and raised his head. Then in sign language I asked if he still goes out to the sea, he replied in the affirmative!


Surfing at Arugam Bay

Surfing is popular at Arugam Bay. We visited the Whiskey Point to watch the action. There were many surfers out there. I do not know how to surf, I was content watching the surfers.


Beautiful Trees

Close to the surfing point, there is an area full of trees. They look both pretty and spooky. I wonder what they are.


Fishing Boats and a Surfer at Arugam Bay

As evening came, fishing boats started coming back home. It also promised to be a great sunset!


Sunset at Arugam Bay, Eastern Sri Lanka

True to its promise the sky put on a great show that evening. It took some of my tiredness away.

I walked back leisurely to the hotel while all around the sun was busy painting everything golden! It was a beautiful evening but I wish I were less tired!

PS. I was part of a global group of 60 bloggers who were invited to attend TBC Asia 2016 hosted by Cinnamon Hotels.

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32 thoughts on “Arugam Bay- A Hot Surfing Spot in Eastern Sri Lanka”

  1. Wonderful place and the trees do look spooky!! :-O

  2. Woah! Globetrotter, your blog posts leave me in awe each time. Great captures and tempting post ya. I sooooo want to go there now. Feeling J!

  3. In fact the whole of Sri Lanka, in whichever way I have traveled, is scenic. Surfing is popular but costly . Interesting post Mridula ji !!

    • Thanks Prasad, people from our group were flying drones there over the surfers for photography!

  4. Lush greenery and the breathtaking sunset…
    Awesome clicks…

  5. Gorgeous sunset pictures and yes that tree does look spooky. Reminds me of the whomping willow of Harry Potter 😀

    • Actually the place is much more beautiful than the pics Rekha 😀 thank you so much for your kind thoughts.

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