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I visited Palakkad, Kerala to stay at Kairali the Ayurvedic Healing Village. It is at the outskirts of the Palakkad town. It was a tranquil place. I also visited the local market of Palakkad for spices, chips and coffee! So this is once again, show it in pictures post!

Golden Oriole at Kairali

I was sitting on a porch when I heard the cackle of the Golden Orioles. It had to be that one time when the camera bag was in my room. I ignored the birds for a few minutes. But then their call was simply irresistible. I ran back to my room, got the camera and got the bird!

Shikra- A Bird of Prey!

Quite close to the Golden Oriole was a Shikra. Surprisingly the oriole would fly teasingly close to the Shikra, which is a bird of prey. Finally both of them got bored and flew away into the trees beyond the reach of my camera.

Magenta in Color?

The magenta Frangipani was fiercely in bloom at Kairali. I have the exact same tree at home as well.

Malampuza Dam near Palakkad

We visited the Malampuza dam near Palakkad. We skipped the garden visit as it was a blistering hot day. We went on a drive around the surrounding areas instead. In cooler weather it will make for a nice picnic spot.

The Summer Landscape, Palakkad

While my group members waited in the car, I walked a short distance to click the bare landscape. Everyone seems to be waiting for the monsoon!

He Makes Yummy Chips!

He was responsible for frying the delicious chips (I bought a few packets) at Karthik’s Chips Shop in the local Palakkad Market. And yes in his case the looks are deceptive!

Where the Chips Get Fried!

Sometimes people react favorably to a camera. They took me inside the shop so I could see the place. This was the giant kadhai where the chips were fried!

Karthik’s Dad at the Karthik Chips Shop

I close the post with a picture of Karthik’s dad. He named the shop after his son. He was a soft spoken person, ever ready to let you taste all kind of exotic chips had!

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24 thoughts on “Palakkad in Pictures”

  1. Beautiful pictures from Palakkad . Palakkad came to know in my life when I was of 16 , I joined “save India ” organization from this place.

  2. Am planning a trip to Coimbatore and was wondering about roaming around Palakkad and silent valley national park for a few days and thats how I came here! Nice this healing place I need to look into! 😀



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