Goa- Hotels or Service Apartments?

Everyone goes to Goa for one reason or the other! I have been there a few times myself! I personally prefer South over North Goa. And you guessed it right, I prefer peace and quiet over party! Goa tourism manages to be in news constantly! If the tourism is high it gets written about, and vice versa!

Earlier I used to think only of hotels as my stay options. But over the years we have started searching for homestays and serviced apartments too. For hotels a service like MakeMyTrip (click here for the MMT Hotel Page) can be useful but for more unconventional options one has to try widely! I have stayed at both at a hotel and in a serviced apartment in Goa. And here is my take! Like all things in life, the best option will depend on your needs!

Size of the Group

When I stayed in a hotel in Goa I was alone. When we stayed in a two bedroom serviced apartment we were 5 adults and two children! For that kind of a group we would need at least 3 hotel rooms! So for larger groups a serviced apartment might be a good bet!


That brings me to the next point budget! I would find booking three rooms in a hotel certainly more expensive than booking a 2/3 bedroom serviced apartment! So if your group is big and wish to save on money, a serviced apartment might work out better! However, whenever I am traveling alone I easily settle for a hotel room!

Length of Stay

Once again long stay tourists might prefer serviced apartment over hotel rooms. After a few days, a hotel room might start to feel like a lonely place! The long term rents also might work out cheaper for serviced apartments. But for a short stay a hotel would work out better where all you have to do is go and enjoy!

But irrespective of where you decide to stay, Goa is going to be fun for sure!

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28 thoughts on “Goa- Hotels or Service Apartments?”

  1. I have experienced both in Goa..services apartment and luxury hotel as well.. For me more fun was in a apartment thankfully it was more like home stay where owners lived adjacent to the apartment only… Both have their own pros n cons.. But both are equally good as well..

    • Will work only in certain conditions! Alone it might be not so enjoyable!

  2. Airbnb! Airbnb! Airbnb! Use Airbnb. I have not used Airbnb in India, but I’m an Airbnb regular in the US. Going to stay here next weekend:

    There is another site similar to Airbnb – vrbo.com (Vaction Rentals By Owners). Goa is in VRBO’s list. Used it to find amazing apartments in Denver.

    However, sometimes I prefer to stay in a hotel (especially, when I am on business travel. This way I can collect hotel points :).

    • I have never tried Air BNB till date. let us see when that happens!

  3. I agree, longer duration and larger groups work out well with service apartments. I had a family reunion here and the service apartments really helped us stay together and bond

  4. My experience in Goa was always based on the budget, ranging from shoddy hostels during college days to a decent resort once I started earning.
    But yes, apart from the budget we also need to consider duration and the size of the group while opting for a place to stay. Well pointed Mridula!

    • Arun for me too personal trips are entirely based on budget!

  5. If it’s a bunch of peers, serviced apartments for sure. When I went to Goa, we tried a small resort and it was a great one. 🙂

  6. I have always enjoyed staying at a hotel in Goa whether it was South or North Goa but I could try an apartment as well. I would prefer a homestay though so that I could stay with a local family and enjoy home-cooked delicacies.

    • Yes Rachana I am also quite partial to homestays but in our numbers a service apartment was a good bet!

    • Easwar yes most hotels go on a set pattern but still they are mighty convenient!

  7. I’ve stayed in both hotels and service apartments on my trips to Goa and must say I infinitely prefer service apartments.

    • I too loved the experience but not sure I would like it if I was alone!

  8. Really nice post. It’s very good to visit goa. My wife and I stayed there one day. Excellent hotel to stay in Goa for couple. The service of that hotel is really Fantastic. Foods and drinks are really fantastic, really a good experience of visiting that hotel.

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