Coolpad Max- My Companion on the UK Trip

I used the recently launched Coolpad Max on my trip to UK. It was given to me and it is mine to keep! I have a beautiful one, the rose gold color! It is priced at Indian Rupees 24,999. It is an android phone!


The phone has a 5.5 inch display, it felt good in my hand, not too big and easy to use. It has an anti-fingerprint coating too. The operating system is Android 5.1 + CoolUI 8.0. It has 4.00 GB RAM and 64 GB build in memory and 32 GB expandable memory! The phone certainly is feature packed! As a user I liked the phone, it was easy to use, it won’t hang up or anything in spite of me loading many apps on it.


The battery is 2800 aAH and 9V 2A charger. I was traveling heavily in London and using Google Maps a lot. I needed a power bank with the phone to last me throughout the day and into late evening, I was constantly using social media and maps too.

Look and Feel


It is a Cool Phone!

I could hold the phone comfortably in my hand.  never felt that it would slip out of my hand. The curves of the phone are fancy! I have never used iPhone but many people asked me if my Coolpad Max was an iPhone! So that may say something about the looks department!


Coolpad Max a feature called dual-in-One where you can assign separate area for your pictures etc, that you don’t wish to share with public. As I hardly ever take pictures that can’t be uploaded I did not activate it. But I am sure many will find the feature helpful!



When I Opened My Eyes to This!- Picture Taken by Coolpad Max!

For me the most important feature in a phone is its camera as like everyone else I like to click pictures on the go and a cell phone comes in handy for it. The rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 5 MP.


Harmony of the Seas- Picture taken by Coolpad Max

For me I will let the pictures do the talking. I was able to take good pictures with the phone! I do not take many selfies but it has beauty modes for selfies!


Coolpad Max is a decent phone if you are looking at a mid range phone with stylish looks, lots of space and decent camera.

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30 thoughts on “Coolpad Max- My Companion on the UK Trip”

    • Jyotirmoy the good bit is there are many phones for every budget range now so I am sure you still have a great one!

  1. Wow – those photos on your blog were taken with a phone? Stunning. I’m curious about that little stand in the first photo. It looks like a handy tool to have.

    • Kalpanaa in this post under the camera section it is the phone photos. That is a cell phone tripod a great way to keep it steady for videos etc!

    • Anupam the newer phones are coming up with better and better camera 😀

  2. Its Camera is really good. Your pictures are telling everything .

    • Yes Ami I lost it in the end, I dropped it in water eventually!

  3. Seems like a cool phone esp the anti-finger coating feature. Camera is indeed the key in any phone these days and with the pictures you have uploaded it looks to be really good.

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