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I am in love with walking. It helps that Chhavi (my daughter) is good at it too. On our trips we can go for long walks together. On our recent trip to Abbotsford, Nainital, we went walking around Nanital. Abbotsford is at a distance from the lake but we decided to walk down to the town. The second day we did a short hike to a local temple. In this post I have collected our walking pictures and memories!


On our way down to the Naini Lake I spotted the signboard of St. John in the Wilderness Church. That meant the church was nearby too! The walk was away from the main road. Chhavi was skeptical of finding any church out there. But it was there alright, with hardly a soul around it. The door was locked though.

While walking out she saw poster of ‘save the girl child.’ She asked me what did that mean? I was happy that she didn’t know the meaning. She looked surprised when I tried to explain it to her. I am happy she didn’t comprehend much.


We also stopped at a shoe shop to buy a pair for Chhavi. I packed a sandal for her but the weather was cold. While we were selecting the shoe, the owner pointed out the wired tailed swallow’s nest within his shop!

The Jama Masjid, Nainital

I have often suspected that I have the tunnel vision syndrome. I have visited to Nainital frequently and yet I failed to notice Jama Masjid before! Can you imagine that?

The Customary Boat Ride at Naini Lake

While I was selecting the photos for the post, I realized there were too many of the lake. But the locals say ‘Nainital has one major attraction, the lake!’ So I decided to go ahead with multiple pictures. This is the customary one from the boat ride.

Chhavi and the Boats

The weather was unsettled when we were in the city. There was a hail storm just before we went for the boat ride. It was windy and cold by the lake but were not missing out on the experience as it was a first for Chhavi.

The Colorful Boats at Nainital

If I were alone, I would click a lot of pictures by the lake. But the kid has no patience for such things. I got a few hurried shots. We decided that before the weather turned again, we should go back to Abbotsford. This time we took a taxi.

Abbotsford, Nainital

Abbotsford is a beautiful cottage built in 1876. It later became the home of the Prasada Family. They now run it as a homestay. My stay at Nainital was sponsored by them. We were happy to get back to the cozy cottage and tea. Janhavi Prasada was there and Chhavi would talk to her non-stop!

The Naini Lake in the Far Distance!

The next morning we went for a short hike just above the cottage. Out last stop was a local temple. The walk offered wonderful views of the Naini Lake and the town.

Chhavi with Janhavi Prasad

The way to the temple was uphill. Both Chhavi and Janhavi were fit, they would run ahead. I made up the rear. Chhavi would run ahead with the guide, come back to say she was truly tired and then run ahead again.

The Naini Lake

When I was too tired to walk, I would stop to click a picture. That way I could catch my breath too. It helped that the view was alluring too!

The Local Temple above Abbotsford, Nainital

There was no one other than us above the temple. Chhavi went berserk ringing all the bells. The ones she could not reach, it was my duty to lift her up to them!

Mother Daughter by the Water Tap

While coming down I had a chit-chat with the mother-daughter duo by the water tap. The girl had given class 7th exams and was enjoying her vacation. They were happy to pose for me.

A Small Clean Up Operation

Janhavi, Chhavi and I along with our guide picked up the plastic from the trail on our way down. We collected a lot of plastic. Only our local guide could go to fetch the plastic bottles from precarious slopes.

The Cottage of the Registrar of the Local Polytechnic

Janhavi pointed out the cottage of the registrar of the local polytechnic to me. Now if someone offers me such a place in the hills I might be tempted to go back to academics!

PS. It seems mountains make me go bonkers and not just Rhododendron Flowers! This is a 15 picture post again!


31 thoughts on “Walking Around Nanital”

  1. Lovely photo tour; makes me want to have a holiday in a hill station (an Indian one. Gosh! it seems like ages!).

    That masjid looks majestic. What a beauty! I surprised we haven’t seen very many pictures of this structure.

  2. I love Himalayas. But I am afraid and sad development is catching up in a haphazard manner and beauty is getting lost. i understand need for development for hill people. But many people from plains buy expensive property, drive up there in their SUVs on weekends, play loud music and in general spoil the atmosphere.
    Your pictures are great as always and description goes with it.

    1. I entirely agree with you but move away 5 km from the main town and you can still find peace. What do you say?

  3. Lovely! Totally agree that walking is the best way to truly enjoy a place (and that is what separates the traveller from the tourist). Even the locals seem to be a tad more friendly towards people who walk, rather than with those who just sit in a taxi and tick off their checklist of places. It gives you a sense of freedom and a feeling of charting your own course (very philosophical, I agree :D).

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