Ladakh in Winter: A Video

Ladakh in January was the first trip of 2016 and was really special to me. I went on a FAM trip with the Grand Dragon Ladakh. I have been on a few trips since. And it is usually the most recent trip that dominates the mind space!

So I am going down the memory lane to see what comes out from the top of the head when I think of Ladakh in Winter.

My nostrils would hurt from the effort to breathe at the high altitude.

The first few nights I would wake up every few hours. It was only the last night that I slept through without waking up.

I was so scared of cold before going on the trip but I managed fine!

To me it felt insane to sit out for bonfire when the temperatures were in minus. But with fire and heaters I actually enjoyed it.

I was scared that I would find it unbearably cold to sit and watch Spituk Gustor Festival. It was a sunny day and I did just fine!

I loved the feeling of having Ladakh to myself. At Lamayuru, they opened the monastery just for us, there was otherwise not a single tourist around!

I warmly remember the hospitality of Danish and his team. The home cooked dishes and Chang (and that is not the beer but the local brew) were just awesome!

I saw a frozen waterfall for the second time in my life!

I wore a Ladakhi dress for a photo opportunity!

I loved the fact that the vehicles had heaters!

I think I can do an high altitude winter trip again!

I loved the fact that the room I stayed in was heated.

I have to close my eyes and I can see those majestic mountains again!

I wonder if it is only me, or it happens to others too that only fragments of a trip remain, unless I go back and read my posts or watch the video!

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30 thoughts on “Ladakh in Winter: A Video”

    • Thank you Bushra, so little I retain and yet it is still beautiful.

    • True Swati, hough the recent trips somehow dominate the mental space but Ladakh was special.

  1. Wow ! what a beauty it is. so this journey became special to judge your own stamina.

    • Yogi mountains decide, I can only hope they will remain being kind to me!

  2. Awesome..this is surely motivating..We intend to take a trip to LEH this June 2016…we have been planning for the last 2 years, so now we are very excited to xplore ..Thanks for the share

  3. I guess its common to remember only the bits and pieces (fragments) of a journey. Atleast that’s what I think! Especially the things which makes us anxious before the trip and later the way it turns out, I guess we end up remembering those bits. The other normal parts of the trip needs to be remembered by going back to the pics I guess. What do you think?
    Coming to the video, really enjoyed it. I liked the background score!

    • I agree Arun, sometimes I feel that if I did not click it, I will not remember it. Pictures are my primary aid to remembering a trip!

  4. Thanks for sharing such an amazing experience.
    Mridula in mesmerizing Ladakh. 🙂

    Sriram & Krithiga

  5. Lovely video. It really brings alive the spirit of Ladakh and no, you are not the only one who has fragments left in the memory. I too, recollect a lot more when i go through the pictures.

  6. Short yet packed with Ladakh in each word! Love the photographs… How did you make the slideshow? It is so thoughtfully prepared!

    • Sindhu I use a Windows program Movie Maker to arrange the slide show. Thank you for your kind words.

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