Places to Stay in Dhordo, Kutch

Dhordo is the getaway village to the Great Rann of Kutch. It is about 80 km from Bhuj. I have now made two trips to the region. I am the kind who can stay any place without batting an eyelid, but if you like to research your options of stay here are the places that I know of. So here is a round up of places to stay in Dhordo, Kutch.

White Rann Resort, Dhordo


The White Rann Resort, Dhordo

I stayed at the White Rann Resort this time. They have both Bhungas and Tents. I stayed in a deluxe tent Β with AC. Even in February the nights were quite chilly. My tent had two beds, clean bathroom with the usual amenities and some local snacks. I stayed in the tent for a few hours in the afternoon but I did not feel like switching the AC.

The room was clean. The food was served in the dining area, it was huge. The food was Gujarati Vegetarian. The complex hosted cultural shows in the evening. The place is quite close to the tent city. It is run by Gujarat Tourism in a public private partnership.

Airtel has very poor reception in the area. The only thing I could have asked for was a tea kettle in the room. I like to drink tea in my room and that was the only thing missing.

The Tent City, Dhordo


The Reception at the Tent City, Dhordo

I did not stay in the tent city, I only visited it. It is a huge complex with 250-300 tents of various types. The place is huge, with cluster of tents having their own amenities. It is colorful and will certainly keep a visitor enthralled within its premises. The categories of the tents are the same at White Rann too. Tent City is functional during the Rann Utsav organized by Gujarat Tourism.

Gateway to Rann Resort, Dhordo


A Bhunga at the Gateway to Rann Resort

Once again, I only visited the Gateway to Rann Resort but I will certainly like to stay there. I fell in love with their Bhungas, the local mud huts. At the resort you can choose to stay in a traditional hut with the AC too. The Gateway to Rann is a community project run by the Dhordo Village community.


Walk On!

All the places mentioned above are close to the Rann of Kutch site. Vehicles are allowed only up to a point. One needs to walk about a kilometer to reach the White Rann. If you do not wish to walk you could sit on a camel buggy.


Sunset at the Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

When I visited Kutch in 2014 I stayed at White Rann Camp. I certainly liked the 2016 accommodations more than my 2014 stay at White Rann Camp.

If you are looking for a place to stay at Bhuj I highly recommend Devpur Homestay. Even though it is a little out of the way from Bhuj, it is a super place.

PS. My 2016 trip to Gujarat was sponsored by Gujarat Tourism. In 2014 I visited the region on my own.

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41 thoughts on “Places to Stay in Dhordo, Kutch”

  1. An informative post with great clicks as usual. Well, Airtel wasn’t working. Could you suggest which one to carry while visiting Rann of Kutch?

    • I will also like to stay in the Bhunga as the locals call it!

  2. I had stayed in similar huts at Rann Riders, in LRK. An absolute amazing experience. So earthy and comfortable πŸ™‚

    • Rann Riders is a good property for sure, we just went for a visit and they look grand!

    • Shweta the Rann Raiders are the most expensive and the most grand looking too!

  3. Had stayed at the Gateway to Rann Resort and it was a really wonderful experience staying at those Bhungas. Though I could not stop myself from peeking inside the Rann Utsav tent city late in the night just out of curiosity and also for a cup of tea (at the resort they gave tea only at specific timings) πŸ™‚

    • Arun I too want the Bhunga experience, two trips and haven’t done it yet!

  4. Amazing ! Rann was a desert before a decade but now everyone wants to be there at least for a day . This all show the willingness of a committed person . You did not mention about the approx. charge to stay there specially in a tent city .

    • Yogi it is on the expensive side, AC tents are 15K per person for two nights everything included. I think the lowest is five and a half for two night in non AC but per person. Bhungas are at 4.5K too.

  5. Useful information – thanks for sharing. I stayed at the Rann Riders resort in Dhordo, which was also very nice. I was one of 2 guests at the start of the season in October last year.

    • And I think Rann Riders are the most expensive too πŸ˜€ But they are worth it.

  6. This certainly looks very useful. Been to Kutch many times but always stayed in very backpack like places…Gateway to Rann looks tempting πŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for sharing this informative post & pics are fabulous.. I have bookmarked this post πŸ™‚

  8. Very nice. It is always good to get an unbiased opinion, specially with the reviews on all the regular sites (tripadvisor included) becoming less trustworthy!
    Thanks Mridula πŸ™‚

    • Pradeep I still like Tripadvisor if there are a large number of reviews for a property.

  9. Btw: I did recommend Devpur homestay to a friend (based on your review and reco) and she loved it! πŸ™‚

    • Devpur is a nice nice place. And it was not a FAM I was on a personal trip there πŸ˜€

    • Amitabha a deluxe tent package is 15K per person with meals for two nights. Non AC tents go at 5.5K per person. A Bhunga at the Gateway to Rann was 4.5 K per day.

  10. That seems to be a different world! Lovely pictures… Btw, how did your tent look like?

    • Sindhu it was a nice tent. Apologies that I did not click many pictures.

  11. Beautiful Photos. The most place to watch out is Gateway to Rann Resort, Dhordo. And the amazing thing is it has a AC … Wow.. Superb. Great place to stay and travel.

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