Selfie Expert OPPO F1- Bright and Beautiful!

By Mridula Dwivedi February 1, 2016 26 Comments , , ,

The sleek phone you see in the picture above is of OPPO F1 and they call it the selfie expert. But if you would ask me it is much more than that! I went to the launch event of the Selfie Expert OPPO F1- Bright and Beautiful. I was given the phone at the launch on a returnable basis.

Mr. Sky Li, OPPO Global VP, MD of International Mobile Business and President of OPPO India

The launch was held at JW Marriott Sahar, Mumbai. OPPO F1 #SelfieExpert is a mid range camera phone priced at Rupees 15,990. I shared the launch with about 200 fellow bloggers! However what makes me happy is that I am not the only one who thinks that after voice, camera is the most important feature in a cell phone now. Quoting from OPPO F1 press release:

Signifying the growing importance of mobile photography globally, OPPO Mobiles, a leading global technology brand, is targeting for a year of rising in India. The strategies include emphasizing its continuous focus on mobile photography via “OPPO Camera Phone”, and the launch of the “Selfie Expert” F1 priced at Rs. 15,990.

And I thought I was the only nut who thought camera was the most important thing after being able to make a call!

OPPO F1 Sleek Design

The main camera is 13 MP and the selfie camera is 8 MP. The main camera supports HDR and Ultra HDR. However, a little later in the post, I will let the pictures speak!

The phone has a 3 GB RAM and it is an android phone. If you need more specifications, please visit the product page.

Now let me talk about the camera of the camera phone through the pictures I clicked with OPPO F1.

It is Selfie Time!

My kid developed a strong allergy to SLR for getting her pictures clicked! She likes to click pictures with the SLR though! However I have noticed recently that she is not as allergic to cell phones! She happily posed with her doll here. The front camera comes with ‘Beautify’ feature for selfies.

He Certainly Clicks Better Selfies than Me!

I met this young student at an art event, we started chatting and then took a picture together! He handled the camera as a pro, never asked me once for anything while using my phone!

The Attention to Details!

I have often felt that the kind of details my SLR captures, the cell phones can’t. I am not so sure any longer. Don’t get me wrong I won’t trade my SLR anytime soon, but you know how clumsy it is to lug it around everywhere. With OPPO F1 I dared to shot two events exclusively with the cell phone and left my SLR behind.

From the Streets of Delhi!

As I do not click a lot of selfies I was quite keen to try the main camera and I am actually quite happy with the results! I clicked a lot of HDR and Ultra HDR shots, it is easy to get those settings on the camera.

Flowers at the Imperial’s Lobby

While most of the pictures I clicked were in the bright light, this one certainly was not. The lobby was pleasantly lit. But the camera still gave me a good picture!

Love the Colors!

I have been quite happy to click with #OPPOF1, I would have actually liked to use it longer, but I got to use the phone on a returnable basis! I was informed by the company that #F1HotSale is going to start from 4th to 6th Feb where celebrities will visit the stores.

Chhavi with her Art!

For me OPPO F1 will always have fond memories as Chhavi happily posed for most of the pictures! I certainly like the camera of the OPPO F1 phone, the main camera as much as the selfie cam. But in the end the pictures probably speak better than my words?


26 thoughts on “Selfie Expert OPPO F1- Bright and Beautiful!”

  1. As you mentioned, camera is indeed one of the most important features in a phone these days. And this phone seems to be pretty good in this aspect. I am sure many will really like the beautify feature as well!
    Great pics!

    1. Indrani I still do not plan to trade my DSL anytime soon but I am willing to leave it at home on a few occasions and shoot with a phone!

      Chhavi is more naughty than cute 😀

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