FlightHub’s Guide to visiting the best of Ancient Rome

By Mridula Dwivedi January 13, 2016 12 Comments

Rome is one of the most unique cities to have ever been built in the world. As a city that has stood the testament of time, people from around the world come to this Italian city to view the history of our own species through the architecture, the art and the food. FlightHub Review believes that visiting Rome through a curated eye is the best way to see the city throughout the ages, and for this edition, FlightHub has compiled a must-see list of the best from Ancient Rome.

The Pantheon
The pantheon is one of ancient Rome’s oldest houses of worship. Initial construction to for the pantheon began in 27BCE, and its intended use was to house the Roman gods, a place where worshippers gathered and prayed. FlightHub suggests taking the time to view the Pantheon as it is a testament to withstanding tumultuous history, as well as an architectural marvel. The Pantheon withstood the changes from ancient roman paganism to the spread of Catholicism from the ancient world into the modern one. The Pantheon also contains the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome, emphasizing how sophisticated Ancient Roman engineering really was.

The Roman Forum
The Roman Forum; the mecca of Roman government, politics and Roman life. The governance of the entire Roman Empire took place in the Roman Forum and its majesty is not lost, despite its ruined state. As the site for Roman public life, religious festivals, elections and all other manners of public life took place here, and FlightHub believes that if you should see any ancient site in Rome, it should be the Roman Forum. Though not as glamorous as the Coliseum, nor as well preserved as the Pantheon, the site of the Roman Forum is what truly made Rome the empire we read about. Spend some time wandering around the ruins and enjoy the beautiful architecture that has withstood the test of time.

The Palatine Hill
The beginning or Rome’s origin myth stems from Palatine Hill as the cave where Lupa, the mythical she-wolf suckled the twins Romulus and Remus. It is said that is was on this hill that Romulus founded the original city of Rome on Palatine Hill. From the isolated seven settlements that spread over the hills to the mighty foundation of Rome as a city, Palatine Hill is on FlightHub’s must-see list of ancient Rome. Wander through the ancient building and behold magnificent frescos painted on the walls of the ruin.

Circus Maximus
Rome is forever known as the Empire that loved their games, and the Circus Maximus was home to some of the most brutal ones. As Ancient Rome’s largest stadium, this space was used to conduct and hold some of the most vicious, brutal and exciting chariot races known to the ancient city. As the stage for the religious festival of Ludi—and and propelling the cult of the state, the arena and the games that took place in it were held in high regard. FlightHub encourages you to look beyond the plain field and reimagine a world where Rome is the be-all-and-end-all of the world.

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