Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Indiblogger- What Else do you Use?

By Mridula Dwivedi December 12, 2015 28 Comments , , , , , ,

When I started blogging, in 2005, there was no Twitter, there was no Instagram. I resisted Facebook or a long time. Let me be honest, for a long time I was not one of those who would jump at a new platform. I have still not tried Snapchat. I just opened Reddit before I typed this.

Blogging has always been my first love. But gradually sponsorship came into blogging and my sponsors would ask- following on FB page, number of followers, on Twitter, Instagram and I eventually migrated to those platforms. Gradually I became faithful to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

I do not sync my feeds across social media platforms as I feel all offer me different opportunities and audiences.



For me Twitter is the place to go for multiple updates. Even ten times a day will do! If you follow a few thousand people your feed scrolls pretty fast. That gives me the illusion that no one reads anything and I can vent, make controversial comments, political comments and do everything that I can’t on Facebook! I believe I still post pictures most!



I try to restrict my updates to one a day, unless I am traveling. But I do end up sharing more than once often. Still it will b a rare day when you see me posting 5 updates are more! Chhavi’s picture go there, but predominantly I post travel updates on my personal profile too!


I do have a FB page but since the algorithm change, my posts hardly get any traction there. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but then I don’t want to boost every random post. I joined Facebook because my students kept sending me invites! I succumbed eventually, like after a year or so!



As I didn’t get a smart phone for a long time I was not present on Instagram. My good friends from Nokia opened my account from my Lumia 1020 in Finland! It took me some time to find traction there, but I started enjoying it a lot. Now I am a regular there.

After quitting my job I was thinking if I should open a photoblog. Then I realized Instagram is my photoblog!



Even though I am on Pinterest I don’t have much clue as to what to do there. If you have some tips, let me know.



Once again I became active on Indiblogger late. But I like the community. I use it as my bookmark to read a wide variety of posts. Otherwise I would just read travel posts! Haiku was not something I thought I was interested in but my good pals on Indiblogger made sure I like it too!



I am not too good with videos. But Vine allows me to do 7 second videos and share it on Twitter easily. So that is where most of my videos go!



I have an account on Youtube too. Not very active but can’t make up my mind what to do with it! I wonder if I will make decent videos but then I can’t delete the account as well!

I am Linkedin too. But I am already fatigued! What about you? Other than blogging which social media platforms you use?


28 thoughts on “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Indiblogger- What Else do you Use?”

  1. You should try Snapchat, its that you like something, you click it and put down on my story,your friends will see and its gone after 24 hours,it will not eat space on your gallery, its more like live Blogging with pictures & small videos
    And Pinterest is like creating bookmarks on internet of your choice on your profile which you would like others to see but it should be a picture in order to pin it,either you upload your own pictures or pin others.its fun.

    Mam,I really loved your writing style and approach towards blogging . Now,you will be my inspiration too for Blogging.

  2. Its all about marketing these days. The more you market yourself on all these platforms higher the chances of getting sponsored. Its a very fast world these days. God knows how fast the future is going to be!

    1. Roohi I agree but imagine without social media where would people like me be? Social Media gave me a voice and I love it for that!

    1. True Ami after writing the post I was wondering what am I even trying? But then without it I would not be traveling as much as I do now!

  3. too many social networks… I am only active on Twitter and FB…I post on instagram once in a while.. I created a Tumblr some time back but have not logged in on it for ages…

    Rest all the networks you mention are alien to me

  4. I have to use a lot of social media…mainly to promote my blog (and I am not ashamed of doing it). Vine and YouTube is something which I have not used yet. Would like to do YouTube some day.

  5. I think Twitter, FB and Instagram are anyway taking too much of my time and really want to keep away from the rest of the platforms. But like you, I don’t know how long I will be able to keep distance.

    1. Never heard of it before! You added one more to my list. Your page looks so cool and I could see my Suryagarh story there!

  6. To reach maximum number of people you have to be available maximum number of social media platforms but parallel you have to give a lot of time to be remain active their . in our whats app group somebody was talking about your trip to Everest Base camp , and it was all due to your presence in social media .

    1. Same here I too quite fell in love with Instagram, though it took time! My Linkedin used to be unsocial but no longer 😀

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