Six Months After I Quit My Job

This has been an unusual year for me. So how does it feel six months after I quit my job? It is not easy to describe. Β At the start of the year I had no clue I would quit my job by May 2015! But it happened. Initially I didn’t even try to make any sense of it. I am not sure if it makes sense even now but I am willing to talk.

I would be lying if I say I quit my job to travel more. I was already traveling a lot. I quit because it felt easier not going to work! I was not liking my job anymore, it became a drag. But I didn’t search for another job! And therein lies the catch.

It was not easy to travel the way I did with full time work. Managing leaves was next to impossible. Even if I would land at 3.00 am after crossing time zones, I would be at work at 9.30 am to save that one day’s leave. I didn’t mind it till work was fun. But when it didn’t remain fun, I started feeling tired.

I started resenting the fact that my first thought after an awesome media invite would be, “damn will I get leave?” I was invited by Jordan Tourism Board to cover Pope’s visit to their country and my first thought- “hell I have to ask for leave!” I would not feel happy immediately when I saw an invite however exotic it was!

When did the work become unbearable? I have no idea, it was a gradual process, it was not about any one thing, it was a sun total of many things which accumulated over the years!

So that is how I quit, I didn’t like my work, I was getting some fabulous opportunities to travel, so I told myself I will take a break for a year!


Less Money!

So how is it going? It is lots of fun in many ways but not financially. Let me get it out of the way first. I have roughly saved three year’s worth of salary before quitting. I am extremely risk averse. But this pile gives me some confidence to take it easy for a while. And I am not going to spend it on travel, not one bit out of it.

I am making about 1/5 of what I used to earn when I was working full time. I don’t get the jitters because my husband works full time. But without a doubt it feels bad to earn a fraction of what I used to earn. Per ummed per duniya kayam hai and I am no exception. But before you quit, think hard about it. How would you feel if you made only 1/5 of what you earned? Will it be enough?

Now coming to the better part, I never had so much time to myself in my life and it is a blessing!

I can go for long walks, I get up late every day, the bliss!


It was a Tiring Day at School

I am there when my daughter comes back from school when I am not traveling. She resents it as mama is the strict one but then we have a lot of fun too. A lot of studies get done as well! We go and play badminton together in the evening.

My husband still drops off my daughter to the school. I offered to do it but both of them turned me down firmly.

When I come back from a trip at 3.00 am now I sleep till 11.00 am in the morning.


Less Tired!

I am less tired on the trips after traveling on a flight at night. Earlier I used to be on the verge of collapse when I missed out on a night’s sleep and the itinerary started almost immediately after landing! Not anymore. I can last for a day without sleeping through the night!Β So I enjoy my travels more!

I baked a mug cake today, it was fun for everyone at home. I never had time for these small things.

I would never attend a local event in the past on a weekday, as I had to save my leaves. I now happily attend such events all over the town! The mug cake idea came from such an event!


More Fun!

I am still not looking for long term travel, as my daughter is small. I anyway like coming back to my home and my family!

I can go shopping on a weekday when malls are almost empty and it is such a bliss!

I can go and stay at my sister’s place during weekdays! The joys of being jobless are boundless!

I don’t have to ask anyone for leave before accepting a trip! I can happily go on a trip that starts on a Monday!

So after six months I do not want to go back to work. I am actually quite happy even though I am earning much less.

But there is one bit that makes no sense! And that is a piece of paper, my Ph.D. degree. I really toiled for it. Nothing else gnaws at my mind but this bit of paper. It constantly questions me, how can you be happy?


That Piece of Paper!

It makes no sense to leave it all after working so hard for it! But then nothing much made sense this year anyway.Β I would be truly happy if this piece of paper would not nag me endlessly.

I now say I don’t want to go back to work. But then I would have also saidΒ no if someone asked whether I was planning to quit my job earlier this year!

Hence I am keeping all my options open for 2016 but I secretly hope that I would not need to go back to work, at least not in 2016. And that piece of paper will make peace with me.

60 thoughts on “Six Months After I Quit My Job”

  1. You have pursued a life which you wanted and have achieved it Mridula. Many people will read this post and secretly envy your life, but will not see the effort that you have put behind living this life.

    Chavi (spelling may be wrong) may not be happy about you being strict right now, but soon she will follow in your footsteps surely.


    • Vishal, agree with you fully. You have stated the truth but that truth is beautiful, not hurtful. Thank you for writing such a nice comment.

    • Vishal, before I read your comment, just after I finished reading the post, I was about to write the same thing – many readers will feel envy. And, yes. As much as I feel happy that I am reading someone who has achieved / lived their life the way they wanted, that much I feel, ‘If I could also…’.

  2. Many things in my life have happened when I had not even thought about them few months back.

    I very much felt, in most part of the post, that I am reading about me few months down the line.

    The only difference however will be, instead of that 3-year wala cushion, I don’t think I will have any, not even a thin 1-year wala cushion.

    I however have decided to take the plunge anyway because I don’t think I am enjoying what I do anymore. Rest, we will see…

    ‘…umeed pe to…’ πŸ˜‰

    And, I wish that *piece of paper* of yours stops nagging you sooner than later.


  3. This was a touching post. I can relate to it since I had the same phase few years ago. But everything has its own pros and cons. The bliss of being jobless is to pursue what you wanted! And we can catch up over tea some day Globetrotter πŸ™‚

  4. If we could afford it, I would give up work – or at least work less! As it is, I’m lucky to be able to work from home so much…

    • Lady Fi I am sure you will find your balance! Happy to hear that you get to work from home!

  5. Read the post and I can so relate to it Mridula ! I also quit my job two years back. One fifth still sounds like a decent ratio! I think in my case it was one-tenth. Certainly doesn’t feel good in the beginning, but later one realises that actually why we need all the money for? That happiness one gets from travelling, spending time with kids and sleeping till late is something money or MasterCard can’t buy! And don’t worry about that piece of paper. It’s like trigonometry, we all studied in school and never used it. I hope hope you never have to go back to a job for the sake of it. I am sure successful travel blogger that you are, your blog will become financially rewarding too, soon. Thanks for sharing this honest article πŸ™‚ my respect( and love) for you only grows.

    • Vishakha, thank you so much for your lovely comment. See you soon! And i don’t know what to say more, thank you!

  6. Quitting job is a very crucial decision of life. The three-year-wala saving was of real help, I guess, and has given you an edge. Considering the advantages you are having now and, that your husband works full-time, your decision sounds like a great one πŸ˜€ Wish I could do the same someday….

    • Maniparna it was not a well thought out decision, but maybe it was destiny!

  7. This is like a boost for me in 2016. Its true when you follow your passion, passion makes its own way πŸ™‚

  8. Sounds quite familiar….:D Am going through that right now and I don’t know what I am going to do. Taking a day at a time. πŸ™‚

  9. Its always a dream to wander but it will not happen anytime soon. Your posts but gives more energy and confidence ok some day we too can quit job and travel a lot.

  10. Mridula – Loved the honesty with which you have written this post. And great food for thought for people who are thinking of quitting their jobs.
    One of the many things that really stood out was you acknowledging that you did not have grand plans when you quit.
    Last but not the least, you do make quitting working a really fun (not to mention relaxing) thing to do πŸ™‚

    All the best!

    • I only wish i found a way for earning more as well Pradeep! But I am going to stick at it, till another gust of wind blows in another direction!

  11. Hey Mridula….
    I’m so glad you did quit after all as that’s what you really wanted to do πŸ™‚ I totally can relate to how it feels, I quit recently to be with my little one πŸ™‚ It’s a blessing. I have never regretted my decision. After 5 years of investment banking career, I quit right post my maternity leave and I’m happy I did πŸ™‚

    • Hey no, I was quite passionate about education too! But bad jobs just ruined it for me and I decided to be my own boss for a while at least! πŸ˜€ I hope I too will not regret my decision.

  12. It has an autobiographical element and trust me being able to pursue your passion is the greatest bliss and congratulation for the piece of paper.

  13. You have shown guts in quitting your job which very few of us can do. Now the glory awaits you. As far as the PhD is concerned – well it is a philosophical question!!!

  14. Better late than never!! ????????
    I can totally relate with what you have written, to a large extent I am going through something similar and loving it! And now, thoughts of getting back to a career are seeping in!!! ???????? lets see what the future beholds!

  15. Wow! So, you are Dr. Mridula? Awesome!!
    What’ s more awesome is that you are doing what you love to do. Just stay put and if something comes that excites you enough and gives you good money – take it up! My two cents! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Parul for your advice, that is the plan! But I have become suspicious of plans!

  16. I heard about full time bloggers who run their family from blogs. How? I don’t know because I never tried to monetize from my blog and I also don’t know what full time blogger means? As you are enjoying your travelling and sharing it on your blog, I think you can earn from your blog quite a sum. You have a reputation and network.

    Anyway, the good thing is you’re doing what you like to do. The moments you share with your daughter, your family is priceless. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Ravish, I am going to give a try for sure, let us see what comes out of it.

  17. Quitting a job is a tough decision. And struggling with money is almost a common side effect, unless you’re already a very renowned freelancer or have a great business plan in action.
    But in the end I think as long as you’re able to meet all your (and family’s) needs and happy with your life, it’s worth. Traveling no doubt brings happiness. And, if you love to travel, I don’t see why it’s not the best choice you ever made.

  18. Not many in this world have the courage to do so! Strong will power alone would be lame unless you invite the risk! I don’t trust you when you say you are risk-averse! You have risked the most tough one, and I smell you are succeeding there! Good days ahead! Lovely read for me!

    • Thank you so much Arun, you are right about the risk averse bit I guess πŸ˜€ But I resisted it for so long!

  19. When did the work become unbearable? I have no idea, it was a gradual process, it was not about any one thing, it was a sun total of many things which accumulated over the years! It is really another face of the job which really matters . But everybody cant follow this way .

    • I know, I know I delayed it too. Also I have a husband that works, it is easier for me to quit.

  20. This felt like reading the current page of my own life. I do miss the amount credited into my account on every 25th, but the pluses are more. Given a chance I would not want to go back and work leaving my family behind. It’s a hard decision, but nevertheless working fine so far. As you said, keeping my options open too. Loved your daughter’s picture he most.

    • Thank you Rekha. Here is to hoping we both don’t go back to work and enjoy it too!

  21. Mridula,
    I am happy that you have quit your job. Just throw away the financial angle from your mind. I too finally took the plunge in 2012. At that time I was the Executive Director of MAIT (Manufacturer’s Assoc. for IT) and people couldn’t believe it. Many people told me that I perhaps saw Three Idiots movie many times. πŸ™‚ And first that that people aske me is how will I manage the finances. In some respects it is a man’s world. A man is expected to take care of the finances of home. So from that angle, you won’t be questioned too much by well meaning folks.

    I decided to earn money only from filming. I even said no to doing consulting. I wanted to see how good I am and also purely follow my passion. Obviously money initially was way too low. After three years I am now happy doing projects that I like on my own terms. Believe me, you too will really enjoy it. The great thing is you have savings for three years and you are not going to make investments in capital equipments like I did (cinema cameras and all). So you are better off. Remember money is not the end goal. Money will come at its own pace and suddenly it will increase exponentially. Just keep on doing good work.

    You have one life. Enjoy it to the hilt.

    • Thank you so much sir for sharing your story. I hope mine will turn out well too! But it feels great to know that I am not alone! My best wishes to you and yes I know it is infinitely more difficult for a man to do it. Well meaning folks as you said, don’t question me so much!

  22. I am in the phase of experiencing the pressure of trying to manage everything now .God knows when will i reach a point of such blissful life you are describing about the ‘post -job quitting life’

  23. Lucky you! You’ve got a chance to do all those things you’ve always wanted to do, or which you never had time for earlier. Enjoy the break and enjoy this phase till you decide you want to do more πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Ashwini I hope I will like to do less in the future but do it well πŸ˜€ But then I am much older!

  24. PhD in which subject from iit Kanpur? Nice to read this article,mridula.

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