An Ode to Kulhad Wali Chai in Indrapuram

I have said this before, I am a tea lover. But if there is something better than chai it is kulhad wali chai. On a recent trip to Thailand a mate asked if I missed home food on my trips? I told her more than food I miss ghar ki chai! There is something about chai the desi chai that feels just so right! Β And there is a good corner shop in Indrapuram, Ghaziabad that sells chai in a kulhad.

I frequent the shop because it is close to my sister’s place. It is simply named Pandey Tea Stall, located close to Shipra Mall. There is a local complex opposite the main entrance of Shipra Mall where you find custom sized good’s shop, PP Jewellers, SRS Jewellers etc. This shop is next door to the SRS Jewellers. There are other small eating places around it.


Pandey Tea Stall Near Shipra Mall, Indrapuram

Going by the crowd that gathers around the shop, it is already quite popular in the vicinity. Actually there are two brothers who run the shop. They know us by face as we have been going there for a while now.

Close to Diwali I asked one of the brothers if they were going home, to which he said, no there was so much work, he would manage to go home only after Diwali.


The General Ambiance!

I have to say the general area could do with a bit of face lift. The sidewalks are dusty and not too clean. There are a few rickety tables and chairs. But they are mostly occupied. And if I find them empty, the previous occupants would leave their empty cups/kulhads on the table even though there are dustbins a few feet away. They serve tea in paper cups too but I always ask for it in a kulhad.


The Railing and a Cup of Tea

I clear the table myself and I make sure I clear it after we have finished our tea. We often go and sit on a railing nearby. So you see, the ambiance certainly could be improved.


The Bliss that is a Hot Cup of Tea

But then the chai is top class. Even tough I stopped taking sugar in my chai a long time ago, he puts so little that I don’t mind. I don’t know what he does with adrak (ginger) but it gives just the right flavor to the chai. However, I feel his kulhad is too small! In reality it is notΒ but the tea vanishes just too fast. He sells a cup for 10 rupees, all that bliss just for 10 rupees!Β As the brats of my family say, in Dwivedi family no one says no to tea!

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40 thoughts on “An Ode to Kulhad Wali Chai in Indrapuram”

    • Arun come to North, even though it is difficult to find it here too, but we get it sometimes.

    • Wow It has been ages since I went to Kolkata I was in standard 4 when I visited!

    • It feels even better in cold weather but it is my preferred drink even in summer.

  1. I just love kulhad wali chai. Its always a delight to have tea in a kulhad. Ah its hard to find kulhads in Bangalore πŸ™

  2. I also love Kulhad wali chai and for that reason I don’t like to travel in AC coaches these days. Used to have more fun in non AC coaches in trains.

    So, our next meeting point is decided now. πŸ˜›

  3. You were in Indirapuram , Ghaziabad ? I live there just 3 km from This place . Ghar ki chai ka aanand hi kuchh alag hota hai !!

    • My sister lives close to the place, hence I frequently visit! Agle baar milte hain?

  4. Hi,

    I just saw this post through a random search on Google.
    I’ve recently opened up a chai place of my own in Mumbai and thought you might be able to get a look at.
    The cafe is called Chaos Control Cafe.
    Check it out on Zomato.

    And let me know if the place gets your attention.

    • Thank you so much. Whenever I am in Mumbai and near your place will try it out.

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