Tourist Places in Chanthaburi Thailand

Even though I spent just one night in Chanthaburi I did a lot with my group. I was invited to Chanthaburi by Tourism Authority of Thailand as a post TBEX Asia 2015 FAM trip. I would love to spend more time both at Rayong and Chanthaburi, I did check out many tourist places in Chanthaburi Thailand. The same is true for Rayong.


Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center, Chanthaburi

Our first stop was Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center which works for the conservation of turtles and other sea creatures! The visitors can indulge in making artificial reef, collecting crab eggs and feeding the fish and turtles and more.


An Injured Turtle at the Study Center

Quoting from the TAT brochure ” Kung Krabaen Bay Royal Development Study Center was founded in 1982 and it is responsible for studying and researching the natural ecosystem in order to find proper ways to develop the coastal areas in Chanthaburi Province.”


Barn Swallows at Chanthaburi

I managed to click the barn swallows at the study center in middle of everything. There was a time I used to click birds quite regularly but now I do it much less!


The View Point at Chanthaburi

Our second stop was the view point at Chanthaburi by the sea. As you can see it was a pretty place. There are a few small restaurants and street vendors around the venue.


Love Locks at the View Point, Chanthaburi

Along the fence of the area couples come and tie a love lock! Now you know what to bring if you are visiting the are! We went for lunch at a local restaurant after this.


Tintin at Ban Semet Ngam Chanthaboon Mat Handicraft Center, Chanthaburi

Our next stop was Ban Semet Ngam Chanthaboon Mat Handicraft Center. I did weaving at the TBEX venue itself. Poor Tinin was surprised with all the hands working around him! He often thought they were out to grab him! But he came back alright!

We reached Rajamaitri Historic Inn in the late afternoon. That gave me time to go out and explore the Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront area. The first picture of this post is from the evening walk.


Chao Mae Kuan Im Shrine

I turned right from the hotel and literally walked into Chao Mae Kuan Im Shrine which is a Chinese Temple. There were a few cats and I around the premises.


Street Art at Chanthaburi

Right next to the shrine was this street art. I spotted art on the walls at many places in Chanthaburi.


Wat Bot Muang Temple at Chanthaburi

Walking a little further I stumbled upon the Wat Bot Muang which is  Buddhist Shrine. I walked through the premises and excited via the gate across. That led me to the modern part of the city. There is a big difference between the two! In Old Town Chanthaboon you literally step back in time!


Lanterns on Chanthaboon River

While we were having dinner at the next door restaurant we saw the lanterns floating by on the Chanthaboon River. It was part of the Chinese week long vegetarian festival.


The Procession of the Chinese Vegetarian Festival

After dinner I was settling in my room when I heard this loud noise on the street. It was the procession of the Chinese vegetarian festival coming back to town. They wear white for the duration of the festival.

As the procession went ahead I too retired for the night. We were starting early by visiting the old market in Chanthaburi.


The Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront

I did get up early to go to the market. The Old Town Chanthaboon Waterfront is a photographers delight. The model you see are friends from TAT. Kook on the left is a talented photographer. He was not too thrilled to be invited to pose for the camera! Taya should actually try to be a professional model, she is so good at facing the camera! In real life she works with TAT Dubai.


Thai Tea

In the old market, which is said to be 100 years old, I had this orange Thai Tea. When I asked my Thai friends why the tea was orange they said because it was from Sri Lanka! I told them I have been to Sri Lanka but I never saw orange tea there. So the mystery remains unsolved.


The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi

Our last stop was the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is a grand place. It has been built by the Vietnamese Christian Community which fled Vietnam due to the pursecution by the then Buddhist King. The migration is supposed to happen about 400 years ago. The statue of the Virgin Mary is covered in gold, gems, and enamel. Her dress is made of blue and white sapphires! Chanthaburi is famous for its gems but I could not explore that aspect of the town.

I have used about 15 pictures in this post and I am still not done with the story. But before I can write more, there will be a break as I am heading to Thailand (again) tomorrow. This time I am leading an all women’s group with Byond Travel to Krabi and Bangkok.

I also took a break (a rare family vacation too) in Goa about which I have not even started. So stay tuned for a lot of stories in the last few days of November and the month of December.

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    • The Untourists unfortunately it was so crowded in Bangkok that I didn’t. And at Chanthaburi I had just one night. So no, I didn’t try anything.

  1. Sawadee ka Mridula, the picture are mind blowing….amazing and am sure you had a very good time. Would love to meet you one day 🙂

    • So will I Shweta, do let me know when you are in Delhi next. And Khap kun ka for the comment.

  2. Have a great trip! Loved these images. The 1st one is magical… loved the colorful doors and orange tea – never heard of it. I too went to Sri Lanka this year and never did I see a hint of orange in tea there…

  3. Awesome post on Thailand. I posted an article on my blog last week about reaching Thailand by road via Trilateral Highway. May I share this post on my website which will compliment my post?

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