Visa on Arrival Online Application for Thailand

I have done 6 trips in all to Thailand. I have always availed visa on arrival in Thailand without any problem. I have stood in the fast track line mostly. But I have used the normal queue as well and got my visa every time. I was extremely thrilled when they introduced visa on arrival online application for Thailand. On my most recent trip I availed the facility (October 15 to 21, 2015) and I am thrilled with the results. I would strongly recommend that you make use of it. Using the online process is extremely easy. The documents required are the same for both the processes. The requirements are listed at the official website of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand.

The video below explains how to apply online for your visa on arrival in Thailand.

However for those with slow internet speed I will sum up the process. Go to the website of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand. Change the language to English. Click on the link online application for visa on arrival. When I clicked it on Chrome it started warning me the ‘website is not safe.’ It worked fine for me in Firefox. Look at the list of countries that can fill the online application form. India is one of them. If your country appears on the list check the ‘accept the terms’ box and click accept. It takes you the application form to be filled. You get 30 minutes to fill the form after which the session expires. So do keep all your documents handy.

The form asks for the same details as the print form. However, when I arrive in Thailand after missing a night’s sleep I find it more difficult to figure out my hotel address, expiry date of passport etc. It was so much easier to fill the form online sitting in my living room. All the star fields are mandatory. You can skip the rest.


After completing this screen it would ask you to accept the information as true. It you find any errors you can go back and modify the form. Once you are done, print the form and bring it with you.

At the airport I realized that I could leapfrog all the passengers from my very full flight who were standing at the counter and filling their forms. I almost always end up using the fast track queue (1100 baht fee) because by the time I would complete my form there would be a long queue at the normal 1000 baht fee counter. This time as I had a completed application form, I was the 4th person the normal queue. Do remember to sign the form after printing. I forgot to sign it. The lady checking the documents before the immigration counter pointed it out to me. She stapled the photograph for me as well. I signed the form and stood in the line for a few minutes. Soon it was my turn to hand in my documents.

The immigration officer entered something in his computer, tallied my flight numbers on the paper ticket I gave him and waved me through. The immigration officer stamped it in the next few minutes and I was running to the luggage carousel happily.  Previously I would arrive at the baggage belt when it would be almost empty. This time I was one of the first people to take off my luggage and sprint out to the Bangkok city!

In my opinion it is absolutely worth filling out the form online as it helps you in getting ahead of the crowd at least now. You could print the form, fill it with hand and still gain an advantage over the queue. But the immigration desk would not have your details on their computer with a hand filled form and it would slow the queue. They may ask for more documents as well.

Quintessential Bangkok

I should be heading out to Thailand next month again and I would let you know if I find the online experience any different the next time. I am for sure going to fill my visa on arrival application online on my next trip to Thailand as well.

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105 thoughts on “Visa on Arrival Online Application for Thailand”

  1. I celebrated New years 2015 in Thailand 🙂 Loved the visa on arrival and also super cheap food and great shopping! 😀 lovely pics and great post! am sure a lot will benefit from this post:)

  2. Mridula, thanks for the tips/info about the visa-on-arrival process at Bangkok. I have a small question for you (It’s been worrying me a lot) – So, I am travelling to Koh Samui next week (from Kolkata), and the time between my flights is approx. 95 minutes.

    Wanted to know from you if this should be sufficient time to complete the Visa formalities and also be able to get on the next flight (same airport, same airways – Thai) – And what should I do to ensure a speedy process? Thanks a ton in advance!

    • Hi Ritesh I have two suggestions for you. One, fill the form online, have your photo and Thai baht ready. That would let you get ahead of the queue as most of the plane would still filling up the form. If you find that there is already a long queue at the normal visa counter, join the express line. You end up paying 200 baht more but it is worth it. That queue moves much faster. Both queues are next to each-other. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Mridula, I have a question which is : is it mandatory to fill the visa on arrival for Thailand form online or can I fill the form the when I reach bangkok airport… Please review and advise.. Your timely help will be much appreciated. Regards Amit

    • Hi Amit, it is not mandatory to fill the application online as far as I know. You can fill the same at the airport too. However, when you fill it at the airport everyone ends up in the long queue at the same time, if you fill it online and if you are lucky, you will beat the queue. Hope this helps a bit.

  4. Hi

    I was trying to fill out online form but when i submitted to get the transaction number i got a blank page. I tried 2 more times one time with other browser but same problem. Did it happen to any of you guys?

    • Not with me I have done the online thing twice last year and both time I was successful. I hope you have better luck on your next try.

  5. Hi, I tried to fill the online form 3 times from 2 different browser. When submitted to get the transaction number i got a blank page every time. very frustrating

  6. Hi, going to Bangkok with family of 4 (2 small kids) and trying to apply for visa on arrival application form online but the link dont seem to be working. If I take a print out of the form and fill in the information, would that help if I move in to the express counter? Also, If I carry only 10000 Baht in total including visa fee will that be an issues? Most of my expenses are already paid for and I will use my credit card for rest of the expenses. Any advises and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

  7. Hi Mridula,

    I would be visiting Thailand from May 20th to May 24th, 2016. I will be travelling to Bangkok, Surathani and Koh Phangan; and have made my hotel bookings in these places.

    When I fill up the Visa form, which hotel should I put in the “Address in Thailand” field?

    Also, do I need to show all the travel bookings and hotel confirmations within Thailand at the VoA counter?

    I have an Indian passport and will be arriving from Muscat.


    • Hi Abhi, Just fill in Bangkok hotel as your address and keep all the hotel bookings with you. They usually don’t ask but you never know, it is better to keep more documents with you!

  8. The express visa on arrival counter is closed now…Jan 2016.No knowledge of it now.Still long ques at the counter..Transit passengers should be cautious.

    • I agree I just came back from Thailand and I also could not see the express counter! What saved me was online, they have a counter for online!

  9. Hi Mridula,

    I just have 2 hours of layover at bangkok airport before i catch my flight to its my first time to thailand, i dint realize while booking about the voa time 🙁 if i fill the form online, do you think i will be able to make it to my flight in time with immigration and all other stuff??

    • Hi Bhavana,

      If you have a connecting domestic flight look for the domestic flight counters, they are visible from the same line. Leave the line, go to the counters and present your documents. You will be assisted. Hope this helps.

  10. Hii Mridula mam,
    I am going to thailand in November month trough Makemytrip we are 3 persons, i want to know that can from starting date of tour how much day before we can apply for VOA? And getting visa process is lengthy in india ?

  11. I want to ask you one more thing mam, that there 2 options for apply one is tourister & 2nd is travel agency because we are going through Makemytrip, so that condition which option have to choose for VOA option ?

  12. Hi Ma’am,

    Really interesting article, just have one query regarding My travel to Thailand, This is My first trip, hence any response will be much help. I am travelling from Bangalore to Phuket, with a connection flight in DMK airport.
    1) Will I have to get the VOA done at DMK airport or final destination Phuket Airport?
    2) If VOA is to be done at DMK is 1:30 hrs of time enough for getting it done.

    Also I am travelling Air Asia throughout. so guessing luggage will not be required to be checked out and rechecked in.

    Any clarification will help

    • Hi Prince, I have never landed at DMK so really sorry no idea. But I am sure you will get assistance. Look out for a counter that says domestic flights, they assist you if you have a connecting flight to catch. If possible come back and update us about your experience at DMK.

  13. Hi Mridula,
    Just needed to know if you can pay the 2000 Baht fee online, or has that to be paid at the VOA immigration counter in Bangkok?
    Many countries in the ASEAN region (Cambodia, for example) now allow you to pay the fee online and having done that, mail you the Visa online over the next 2-3 days. In the case of Thailand, it appears that it is not truly a Visa online, but allows you to send in your documentation so that you don’t have to fill in the form on arrival, which as you rightly point out, is still a major convenience and helps you to jump the killer queues.
    Btw, the increase of the VOA fee to 2000 Bahts, and the abolition of the express counter are both unfortunate developments. On my recent visit to Bangko in October, most people were unaware of the increase in fee and the abolition of the express visa counter.

    • Hi Kay,

      Look out for the online counter. That is one tiny window but saves you time. Also you need to print the form you filled. And you are right, you can’t pay the fee online. I heard about the increased fee though I have not traveled after the increase.

  14. Hi

    How many days ahead of of your arrival did you fill the online voa form? Is there a certain rule on this regard as I am getting a blank page after entering the details.

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Hey Mridula,

    I have entered all the details as required after which i got a TRN No. with the Bar Code but when i clicked on the Print VOA Application Tab it took me to a blank page after which i took screenshots of the page, can i present the same to the immigration officer ?

    Also Thank you for your post on VOA Online, i have seen it has helped many hopelfully will help me to.

    • Hi Rixon,

      Did you manage to print the form? I am not sure if they will accept the blank form. If possible do let me know how it went for you.

  16. the website is Broken!
    “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at”

    I tired using Chrome and Firefox. on MTNL Mumbai and Relaince JIO.

  17. Hi Mridula,

    Quite a helpful post. Hope the online application starts again. BTW I had a different query, since you travel Thailand so often, you would be the best person to advise. I hear one should be very careful about thefts in Thailand. How are things there esp in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, do people get robbed? Is it advisable to carry expensive DSLR with you esp when you plan to snorkel and swim? Please advise.

    • I have carried my SLR extensively but when I am able to keep it with me. I am not sure I will like to leave it by the sea and go snorkel unless I am in a group and someone watching over the stuff. But that is something I will do anywhere in the world. And as far as mishaps go I know someone who lost his entire camera gear in Sweden! My phone was pick pocketed in London (but returned as someone saw it and got it back). Being careful pays.

  18. The express line is not active yet, however i had a very bitter experience this time. I work for a travel company and was travelling along with a group of 30 Pax as a Tour Manager, out of which 28 pax had pre visa stamped(due to a limited period offer Thai visa fee was waived off for visa pre stamped) and 2 were to pass through visa on arrival(visa fee THB 1000). The Visa on arrival had absolutely no issues, but the pre stamped visa had a long queue and our group was asked to stepped aside from the queue and prove $500 per person to get through the immigration. Our group was part of an incentive trip sponsored by a company and i tried to explain it to the visa officers but they was rude and arrogant to even hear me out and finally they deported 2 pax from my group since they did not have enough cash or either of credit/debit card with them. In my entire travel career this is the first time i had such an experience with Thai immigration officers.

  19. I shall travelling with my family comprising of 4 adults and two children. How can i get voa and shat would be the visa fee. How much time it shall take to voa. Shall i fill different form online

  20. hi, mam
    i have applied online visa application, 10 days before hope it wont be an problem as it has generated an application number,
    And i feel this this application just save some time for filling the application by hand, or do you think it really good more than filling from there?

    • It saves time in two ways. While the plane load is filling form you go ahead.

      At times there are dedicated counters for online forms. Those used to be really short lines. Either way you save time.

  21. This is very simple and I do agree no need to waste your time filling the form after a long journey. I hope this works for me tomorrow. thanks for uploading the same. I only wish i knew this before

  22. Hi there …we are a group travelling to Thailand … we are planning to do Vietnam and Cambodia so it requires three entry and exits in Thailand. Are you aware if it is possible to get multi entry visa through online application? Alternatively we will get visa on arrival each time …how much is the time delay at the airport approximately for this process.

    • Hi, I don’t think multiple entry is possible via online application. It is possible to take visa on arrival every time you enter. The fee is 2000 baht. Check if you can get multiple entry by applying in India.

      If you pay 200 baht extra you can go to a fast line if the line at VOA is too long. It depends on the time of the day too, early morning usually I have seen long queues.

  23. Dear All please note that:

    Only passengers arriving in Thailand via “Suvarnabhumi Airport” can apply for the Online Visa on Arrival prior to arrival in Thailand.

    So of you are landing in Phuket first, then you can’t use online option as of now, the arrival airport option is grayed out with pre-filled entry as “Suvarnabhumi”.

    The online application can be made at:

  24. I wanted to know as to what is to be mentioned in the form where they ask the name and address of a reference in VOA form. I have booking in a hotel and can give address of the hotel only.

  25. Hi Mridula,

    Thanks for such an informative blog.
    Me and my husband are planning to visit Thailand in the month of February. Can we apply for VOA process?

  26. Thanks for the helpful post. I already filled the online VOA form. Will be going to Thailand next week!

    Where can I find the picture requirements for Thai Visa On Arrival? And where did you exchange for Thai Baht currency?

  27. hi,
    am sandeep. am going thailand from macau to don mueing airport. can i apply for voi application online?.can we go with apply voi form online? .

  28. Thanks so much Mridula for the excellent tips. After reading your easy to apply tips, i am going online right away. Your tips removes all worries for any traveller to Thailand. Appreciated.


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