The Sage and the Brat Discuss Weddings in Sabah

Once again it was the weekend. With the new job it meant that the brat was right around the corner. He had two days off instead of his usual one day! Hoping against hope the sage put her feet up. All she wanted to do was day dream about her trips. Soon enough there was a knock on the door. The Sage reluctantly got up to open the door. She was not surprised to see the brat all sleepy eyed at noon. It looked like he just woke up and straight came in looking for a cup of tea. Thank God that the sage had some peace and quiet at least till the noon. For some strange she was reminiscing about the Wedding in Sabah and the stories she heard about them! There was no hope of it now.

The Brat: Good morning …

The Sage: If you say so, though it is well past noon. Good to see you awake.

The Brat: Will you like to have some tea?

The Sage: I always like to have tea.

The Brat: Then why don’t you go and make some?

The Sage: Ah the usual trap, and I fall for it always. OK I will make us a cup of tea.

The sage returns with two cups of tea.

The Brat: So what is new? What is new on your blog?

The Sage: Instead of new, I actually wish to discuss the old, remember I went to Kota Kinabalu?

The Brat: Even I can’t forget it because of the business class travel stories you would tell everyone, (then adds under his breath) weather they wanted to listen or not!

The Sage: What do you think I am hard of hearing? However, there is another story from the trip, about the weddings in Sabah!

wedding-sabah- shangri-la-tanjung-aru

Shangri_La Tanjung Aru

The Brat: Weddings in Sabah? Now what is that? (it is a rare historic moment when he looks confused but he did on the mention of weddings).

The Sage: There is a resort Shangri-la Rasa Ria which hosted a 700 guest Indian wedding from Kolkata.

The Brat: Oh boy!

The Sage: Yes it was the talk of the town! Apparently they wanted cars only for airport pickups, no vans! Getting 300 taxies in Kota Kinabalu was quite an adventure apparently! So was getting 700 people through immigration! Not to forget getting in the cargo as people cannot carry everything in luggage if they wish to attend a big fat Indian wedding.


Actually there are two Shangri-La properties one I mentioned, Rasa Ria and the other is Tanjung Aru. Both can host large Indian weddings. Then there are city hotels like the Hyatt Regency and Le Meridein which can host them on smaller scales. Apparently for the Kolkata wedding the chefs were flown for India. Hotel wedding planners can sync things with the wedding planners hired by the wedding party.

Both Rasa Ria and Tanjung Aru provide stunning outdoor venues by the beach! Everyone only needs to pray that it won’t rain! Even for that special prayers can be arranged in Sabah!

The Brat: Wow that is quite something!

The Sage: What do you think?

The Brat: What do I think about what?

The Sage: About getting married and maybe in style?

The Brat: Oh please I am too young to marry and I would rather use that money and time to go on an exotic tour! And you can’t blame me, I caught the habit of traveling from you!

The Sage: Well, I will have to admit you have a point there!

The Brat had finished his tea by now and was fidgeting in the seat, The Sage was hopeful that she could go back to her day dreaming pretty soon!

PS. The Brat and the Sage are semi-fictional characters that bear strong resemblance to my family members.

PPS. I was invited in this trip to Sabah by Silk Air and Sabah Tourism Board.

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