Walking through Chandni Chowk II

I went on a photowalk through Chandni Chowk recently. It left me with thoroughly mixed feelings. On one hand it offered good food and a peek into the past. But there were so many people who were living on the streets. Some of them quite old too. I wonder what got them there in life. But then I am get ahead of the story.


The White Haired Man

The white haired man was sitting in front of a sweet shop peeling potatoes. He told us they peel about 20 kilo of potatoes in a day.


The Young Helper of the Old Man

He was the young helper of the white haired man. I wonder what is it that ties their fates together, one so young and the other all white hair- both peeling potatoes together! The potatoes are used in making samosas they told us! Both of them were quite cool about us clicking their pictures.


An Old Woman at Chandni Chowk

And then there was this old woman sitting all alone close to Sis Ganj Sahib Gurudwara. She certainly was of the age when she should sit at home surrounded by grandchildren. And here she was, all alone with a bag next to her. I can only wonder what is her story.


A Green Door to the Past!

I wonder how old is this green door and where would the narrow staircases would take me? I am sure if the door could speak it would have some stories to tell!


The Old Man in his Shop

This old man was opening his shop. I wonder for how long has he done the same? I wonder if likes the way his days go by? I wonder what he considers to be a good day at work?


Gobhi ka Paratha

There is no such suspense surrounding this gobhi ka paratha. It was damn tasty and I ate it all. I cold have had one more, but the paratha was deep fried. So, I stopped at one.


Dressed for Eid

The young boys in Chandni Chowk were the ones who would demand that I should click a picture of them! Now only if they knew how I wanted to do just that, only I am quite timid. For a person like me ‘take my picture’ are sweet words!


The Town Hall, Chandni Chowk

It was through the stories of friends I realized that Old Delhi was once synonym with grandeur! There were water canals flowing in the middle of the city, moonlight would reflect in its tans, hence the name Chandni (moon) Chowk (square). Now I have been to a few squares in other countries, like Syntagma Square in Greece. Why is it that Chandni Chowk has no obvious traces of its old glory? Why is it that someone has to point it out to the unimaginative me! Chandni Chowk is heritage and yet it is hard to see.


A Penny for Your Thoughts!

And in the end the bull seems to say, “a penny for all your thoughts!” And that probably sums it up well too!

14 thoughts on “Walking through Chandni Chowk II”

    • It was a wonderful walk Prasad, thanks to you and Tarun for putting it together.

  1. Its most touchy blog I have read of your lot.. Yes Chandni chowk had its glory ages back but if we look from heart it still retains it though the colours have faded a lot, but they do tell the story and scenes of the gone era, which is still alive in hearts of the inhabitants of there, you just need to ask them with a smile on.. Even a day would be less for it. Great piece once again mam..

  2. Mridula, these are exactly the kind of mixed emotions I felt whenever I would go to chandni chowk – a crowded area bursting on the seams , with no trace of old glory yet reminiscent of a glorious past, the lives of people. Loved this post.

    • Thank you so much Somali. Chandni Chowk is bewitching! And leaves you confused at the same time.

  3. when we were in college we used to visit Chandani chowk very frequently as Nai sarak (book market) was there.

    Now I don’t even see towards Parathe wali Gali 🙂 Deep fried parathans are now difficult to digest. Our favorate was faluda Kulfi on Bhai mati das chowk opp. to Shishganj Gurdwara.

    • Since I did not study in Delhi I have hardly explored it 😀 I agree about the deep fried parathas, difficult to digest!

  4. I do the same as you – I see people and wonder about their stories. I’m an old woman, but thankfully not sitting on the street with a bag beside me. You have a lovely blog and the photography is great.

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