In Conversation with RJ Alisha at Radio One 94.3 FM

By Mridula Dwivedi July 7, 2015 36 Comments , , ,

When I met RJ Alisha, I asked her “How did you find me, because we don’t know each-other?” She replied, “We searched a lot about travel bloggers and discovered you!” And that is how I appeared on the Sunday Brunch of Radio One 94.3 FM.

I was not sure when the program would be on air. And at 1.00 pm on Sunday I saw a tweet by a friend, Shashanka, that I was live on Radio One, from 10 to 11 am. I was swimming at that time! I saw the tweet two hours after the program went live. I sent a few tweets to the official handle of Radio One and they gave me the recording, which I duly present to you.

Even though I have been on radio before, they were recording live from our destination! This was the first trip to a recording studio! When I went through their office, I was amazed at how young the employees were! It actually looked like one of my classrooms when I used to teach!

Alisha and I talked about trekking in India and nearby. When I listened to our conversation once again, I realize that she asked me about solo trekking more than once. I tried to say that it was not easy for beginners.

I will elaborate on it here. You can go solo on the trails that are well marked like Triund and Valley of Flowers. But otherwise, it is easy to get lost and we, in India, do not have an effective rescue system in place. In a group someone will realize that a member is missing. Locals or your guides will search for you. But alone you are much more vulnerable.

I have never been lost (other than for a shot while in Goa and we were a big group) but I have heard stories of people who were forced to spend a night in the open in the jungle and it is not a pleasant thought.

That said, listen to the recording and tell me how did you find me on Radio One 94.3 FM?


36 thoughts on “In Conversation with RJ Alisha at Radio One 94.3 FM”

  1. Great, Mridula πŸ˜€ quite an engaging conversation πŸ™‚ I love you blog’s name by the way… πŸ™‚

  2. wonderful !! but sad . I could not listen you live . Actually , I dont usually listen FM so I missed it but now listening your recording. You are really a celebrity and I have mentioned it once in your post that you are a roll model for others . great going Mridula Ji and best wishes .

  3. Your voice is sweet and you talk enthusiastically, Mridula. It was fun listening you. You’re truly an inspiration in trekking. I mean you visited Mt. Everest Base Camp… What’s left now – Everest itself?

    Well, I was expecting hyperlinks on Triund and Valley of Flowers. Marked your tips. All the best for your Kerala Trip! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much Ravish. Wish I knew how to climb mountains. Will give hyperlinks to Triund and Valley of Flowers. Day after and it Kerala.

  4. Totally awesome! Realised that this is the first time I am listening to your voice! Since I have been reading your blog for a while I feel like I know you, but then it suddenly hit me that this is the first time I am listening to you. πŸ™‚ Good going Mridula…

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