The Beauty of Small Things

By Mridula Dwivedi July 21, 2015 40 Comments , , ,

When I go on trekking I am taken in my things on large scale. We end up camping in places which are often the size of many football fields! I am so used to leading a cramped lifestyle in the city life. You practically rub shoulders with someone else all the time! So when I go on a trek I literally feast on the open spaces. But there is the beauty of small things too.

View from Jamadi, Himachal Pradesh, India

I have a theory. I share my best pictures in the first few posts that I do. I sometimes tell myself that a particular picture is a better fit for some other theme and I should hold it back. But till date I have not been successful! Whatever I like most, I share it immediately. So all my better landscape pictures can be seen in these posts.

A Big Wild Mushroom!

However, I would keep going back to the folder thinking I have do one more post. I would look at the pictures and go away thinking I have shown them all! And then it dawned on me, I never show the small bundles of joy on a trek! More often than not, it would be our trekking guides who would spot such things of beauty. Rama Kant ji spotted this wild mushroom! Later the local women who looked at the picture told us that it was edible! But we left it well alone!

She Also Falls in the Same Category!

She also falls in the same category, small bundle of joy. But look at her face! It is her ‘I am doing the world a favor’ face, which she makes when I ask her to pose for a photograph! Let her move away from the camera and she would be smiling again!

Iris Growing in the Wild

When I saw an Iris for the first time on a trek in 2006 I went crazy with delight. That was one trek in Uttarakhand where I bent down to click every wild flower that I saw! I now almost take the Iris for granted. And yet I still click a few pictures, because there is a lot of joy in the small things too!

Marsh Marigolds

You will find marsh marigolds growing in abundance near water sources. And if the water source is near the campsite I go and fill my water bottle on my own. If it is far away I pinch water from the kitchen tent! It is a lot of fun to go near the water source because these yellow beauties bloom with more happiness out there.

A Gaddi Woman with Child

If you pick up your trek carefully, you would hardly meet anyone on the way except the Gaddi people. They are the tough mountain people who move with their herd of animals in search of grazing pastures. They live in temporary shelters and sell their produce to the market. It is a tough life for when it rains it pours and you still have to keep moving with your herd. In the winter they come down from the heights with their livestock.

The Dandelion

It was fun to have dandelions on our first campsite. The girls would like to blow it away and I would like to click pictures!

A Red Wild Flower

This is a very commonly growing wildflower in the mountain, I have seen it almost on my every trek and yet I can’t remember the name nor can I find it while searching for it. But pretty and delicate it is!

Himalayan Thimbleweed

So now you see why I felt my story was still incomplete! Not only do I get to enjoy the open vistas on the trek, I get to enjoy small beauties as well!

Himalayan Anemone

I close this post with a Himalayan anemone which is the flower. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the insect. Now my trek story is complete! I have shared the beauty of the small things that you find on a trek!


40 thoughts on “The Beauty of Small Things”

  1. Mridula ji you always come up with great ideas of inspiring blog-posts . I do not know about The Dandelion , but now seeing it through your lenses. what a white beauty. other pictures are also very lovely .

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