Have You Visited Chandratal in Spiti?

By Mridula Dwivedi June 7, 2015 34 Comments , , ,

If you have visited Chandratal in Spiti, you could stop reading now. If you are yet to visit the region, what are you waiting for? Ladakh has now become very popular with tourists. Spiti is equally beautiful and less crowded. I find the terrain very similar at both the places.

But there is one crucial difference, Leh has an airport whereas Kaza has none. So reaching Spiti is more difficult. When I went in 2007 there were government buses. But when I revisited in 2014, I didn’t see any buses on the road! There were only shared jeeps, SUVs and hired jeeps.

The Road to Chandratal

The road sometimes resembles a waterfall! But the region is so stunningly beautiful that it is worth all the hassle. As it is difficult to reach, it is not as crowded as Ladakh.

Chandra River, Spiti

Spiti is home to one of the most beautiful high altitude lakes, Chandratal. There is a fair weather road all most all the way to Chandratal. But last year it was impassable due to a landslide when I was in the region. We walked all of those 14 kilometers to reach Chandratal. For a long time our path went along the Chandra River. With a landscape this beautiful, and my penchant for walking, I had nothing to complain about.

The Campsite at Chandratal, Spiti

If I could change only one thing about this scene, it would be the incessant rain and clouds that kept us company. While it was pleasant to walk on a overcast day, it wa no fun when it obscured all the views and kept us indoors. Later in the evening a bird came by to drink in the stream. It was out source of water and joy too!

The Beautiful Chandratal, Spiti

I got only a partial view of the lakes as the clouds didn’t let me to view it! Even then it was so beautiful. I am itching to go back once again. Let us see when!

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34 thoughts on “Have You Visited Chandratal in Spiti?”

  1. Had a plan previous year but wife did not allow me to go there as she read about it on internet and afraid that You will be alone there. This is the dream place to visit for a traveller . very beautiful pictures.

    1. The season is starting, a lot depends on the opening of the passes. I already read that Kunzum is open. The season continues till early October.

  2. Really it is an amazing place in India. I planned to visit this place but unfortunately my plan failed. You described it beautifully. thanks. I would like to follow your blog.

  3. So Serene & so beautiful. Have heard a lot about Spiti Valley. And your post has added another dimension to the beauty of Spiti. In my wish list along with Kokaikanal, Hampi.

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