10 Years of Travel Blogging

By Mridula Dwivedi June 10, 2015 64 Comments , ,

I started blogging a long time back, on 10th June, 2005. At that time I was between two jobs. I had a month before I would join another. I was sitting at my sister’s home and they forced me to start a blog. OK they didn’t actually force me but then they gave me no peace either till I started blogging. Even then I knew with a lot of clarity that I could only write about travel.

Ten years later, I have quit my job. I am sitting at my sister’s home again when I am writing this post. Blogging milestones seem to coincide with me quitting my jobs and being at my sister’s place!

If I had to say one thing for each year of blogging, here are the ten things I would share with you. It remains to be seen if I learned anything or not in the end. But oh boy it has been so much fun!

10. The time when people asked “who reads your blog?”

You don’t have to explain social media to anyone these days! But ten years earlier people very commonly dismissed it. I was one of them actually. I would tell my sister and brother-in-law that no one would read my blog. I was the reluctant blogger.

Blogging and social media have come a long way since then. I would actually like to gaze into the future and see what is in store for me ten years later! This is the post, which launched a couple of thousand of more posts later! I have edited it over the years though!

9. My first sponsored trip came in 2007


My excitement knew no bounds when I was invited to visit the Shervani Hilltop Resort. I was so unsure about how these trips worked that I requested them if I could come with a companion! My younger nephew went on that trip with me. I am still in touch with the PR company who gave me my first trip. We still do trips together!

8. My First Digital Camera was a Nikon Point and Shoot

I resisted digital cameras for quite sometime! Photography grew slowly on me. My first digital camera was a Nikon 3200 and I took it on a life changing trip to Ladakh in 2005.

I used to sleep through the sunrises before I became interested in photography. I still sleep through a lot of them but with a guilty conscience!

7. My first sponsored trip abroad was Malaysia

With the Police Team that Escorted us on the Road Trip!

In the year 2012 I was invited to Malaysia by the tourism board! I went back to Malaysia the same year again. They will always remain special for me! The second trip was a 1000 kilometer journey with police escorts for our 30 car cavalcade. The journey was flagged off by the tourism minister of Malaysia. Traffic would stop for us. I could not resist getting a picture with the police team!

6. When I was invited to cover Pope’s visit to Jordan!

Pope Francis at Amman, Jordan

From ‘who reads your blog’ to getting invited to Jordan to cover Pope Francis’s visit in 2014 has been some journey. Not even in my wildest dream I ever imagined that I would be covering the Pope’s visit!

5. We are ‘have time will travel’ kind of family

Chhavi and I at Deoriatal

We travel in odd combinations as a family. Before we adopted Chhavi, my husband and I used to travel together! After her, we travel in odd combinations! Seshadri and Chhavi travel together. Chhavi and I travel together.

Sunil with his Piece of Luggage Attitude in Sri Lanka!

My younger nephew Sunil (also know as Brat 2, the one who behaves like a piece of luggage) and I went to Sri Lanka and Maldives together. My elder nephew Dilip (he is the original brat, Brat 1) and I trekked together in Spiti last year. Seshadri treks with friends. Sometimes the stars get aligned and the three of us, Seshadri, Chhavi and I travel together! I sometimes travel alone. And then I get invited to travel as part of a media group! And we love it that way!

4. When I took my niece and daughter to Hong Kong

Enjoying in Hong Kong

Traveling to a foreign land with two kids (also known as Brat 3 and 4) alone was not an easy decision. But when my daughter’s passport arrived, I wanted to take her abroad. It was a first for my niece too. My husband immediately backed out saying, “you do it”! He was not interested in Disneyland!

No Wonder they Liked the Hotel!

I hope the kids will remember me whenever they think about their first trip abroad. What did they enjoy most- the hotel! My daughter was telling my husband recently that we should sell the house in Gurgaon and move to Hong Kong. She now wants to live in Hong Kong! Adopting her has been the best decision of our life. Traveling with the brats is a lot of fun!

3. It is difficult to pick up one country as my favorite

The Tiger’s Nest Trek, Paro, Bhutan

“I have to go back with Chhavi and you,” I have said this way too often to my husband after coming back from a trip! A lot of countries have made a deep impact on me. And everywhere is on my wishlist.

2. People have been kind to me

People who read my blog are truly kind to me. I have hardly ever been dragged into controversies. I very quickly get pushed into the category of ma’am and I like staying there! There are also a few people who do not blog but have probably read my blog since year one. Nilesh are you reading this?

1. 10 years of travel blogging- I kept at it for a decade!

Enjoying the Panorama Route in South Africa

I feel immensely happy that I could keep at it for 10 long years! And as far as I can see, the plan is to keep blogging about travel for the next 10 years too!


64 thoughts on “10 Years of Travel Blogging”

  1. 10 years span of time is not easy to maintain our own routine of blogging. But your journey so far is being very fantastic. apart from your post I knew about your specific persoanlity as a human being . i said it earlier that your work is not for you only , it gives inspiration others to lead and come front . your picture at kala patthar in nepal is very nice. keep blogging and make this journey …………….a history a golden era of blogging. Best wishes Mridula ji no no Mridula Ma’am.

  2. Congrats, Mridula!!! 10 years is quite a milestone, filled with achievements! Wishing you many many more years of blogging, and more such memorable moments.

  3. Mridula ,Congratulations for completing 10 years of blogging. It is nice to read about your blogging journey. Reconfirms my belief that patience and perseverance pays off. Hope to read many more of your posts in the days to come by.
    Keep posting . 🙂

  4. And I think it has just begin…. pioneers of travel blogging like you have opened up opportunities for others and we can not thank you enough for leading the path.. Wishing you the very best for the next decade 🙂

  5. Hearty congratulations Mridula! What a post to evoke the memories and emotions.

    With 10 years of blogging filled with achievements, you are the pioneer of travel blogging in India. Old or new, everyone looks up to you.

    Wishing you the very best for the next decade and much more. 🙂

      1. Hey Mridula! Chin up girl! The UGC is not scrapping this post nor are you dying tomorrow 🙂
        Things may come and things may go but the milestone remains at its place 😉
        You will have a dozen of professorships at your feet…All the best 🙂 🙂

  6. I love your ‘never say die spirit Mridula’ and love your articles too.They are so well written from heart as this one is.How did you continue this long without getting a writers block is inspiring.Love you for that.And lets do a trip together sometime.Would love to meet Chhavi and Seshadri too sometime 🙂

  7. Absolutely heartfelt ma’am… many congratulations and all the best for many more decades to come…
    Well… you already know this Mridula… but just for the record, you are an inspiration for us and someday I would love to be in your shoes…. (a confession – many times when I am in a hurry I land up voting for your post and ensure that I leave the window open so I can then read it at leisure…. can’t afford to miss any of your posts)… Much love, Desh &I 🙂

    1. It has been a bit like that, it doesn’t feel like work. But then I used to work full time till last month! Let us see how this goes from here.

  8. 10 years of blogging – wah ji wah. lakh lakh badhai..

    But then a question:
    Because you do many many sponsored trips I want to know – Whats the benefits of sponsored trips?

    1. Tushar many thanks. About the sponsored trip I thought the benefit is obvious. I may not have the money to travel to Antarctica but if someone sponsors then I can still travel 😀

  9. Congratulations on this milestone! May you continue discovering new things and writing about them… And may you find a fabulous job when the time is right.

  10. Congrats and thanks for sharing. It sure is a lot encouraging and while I have just started and have a long way to go, your tale is a definite encouragement to me. Cheers

  11. It’s great to read your wonderful milestones in a ten year period of blogging- So much of pleasure you have given readers! I was so happy to read my favourite writer’s comprehensive interview by Ravish in his blog. I couldn’t thank him enough but found there was no place to comment. So, I am doing it here-hope he gets to read this.Thank you Ravish!
    Thank you Mridula for the many blogs you have already given & looking forward to many more wonderful ones in the future!

    1. Rajeev it is from your comment that I realized that Ravish has published the interview! 😀 Thank you so much for all your kind words!

  12. Wow! How awesome Mridula..I have been reading your blog for last 2 years.. since the time I started blogging and came across your blog. Your visit to Malaysia, covering Pope, your trip with Chavvi to the hills..I have read all them and enjoyed..
    Congrats to 10 years and wishing you many many more! Keep sharing so that I keep travelling virtually with you!

  13. What a wonderful journey and a heartfelt write-up. Hearty congratulations, Ma’am – thank you for being an inspiration and here’s to many more! 🙂

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