Life Insurance is for Everyone

Life insurance is something we don’t think about much. It is a policy which is tucked away in some remote corner of the house. Many a times it is accompanied by a fear based message. After doing an exercise with Exide Life Insurance I realized that I hardly dream about anything else but travel!

My Story from Mridula Dwivedi on Vimeo.

Exide Life Insurance has tried to inject some fun into planning for our life. The above video is based on their idea of maintaining a scrapbook called ‘my long and happy life.’ where “the basic idea is to promote Long and Happy life,Β Kal Khoobsurat Hai,Β Well planned life for a beautiful tomorrow”. You can see that my life revolves around my family and travel. These were the parts that I filled first!

Apart from thinking of Chhavi and her college everything else revolves around travel for me! Antarctica you are still a dream, but it is good to have dreams!

Here is the official video from the company where a young couple goes about planning their life.

But it was their money book that really caught my attention. It puts the idea of maintaining the family financial records in one accessible place for every member of the family. The only document we have commonly accessible in my family is our health insurance. Otherwise we know that we are the nominees in each other’s policies. Beyond that we have no clue who has invested where and what!

I know it is not a wise thing to do. But tell me how many of you have made such a file or document which has details of invest readily and systematically available to each-other?

I am even worse. I have some investments which I need to close and take out my money from. It always gets postponed to tomorrow! Earlier the excuse was that with my work and travel I had no time. Now I do not know what my excuse is! Maybe that it is my daughter’s summer vacation right now?

When I was invited by the company to do this exercise, I was not too sure what was in it for me. But after completing some of it, I know there is a great message for me, to become more disciplined about my financial planning.

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18 thoughts on “Life Insurance is for Everyone”

  1. It’s always wise to maintain discipline with financial planning. But, we often neglect this… Nice informative post, Mridula… πŸ™‚

  2. It is extremely crucial and since I have worked with a Life Insurance company I can never undermine the importance of a good policy. Thanks for sharing Mridula πŸ™‚

  3. Hi

    Wonderful post.

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Keep writing.

    Be Well

    Ananth V
    Twitter @AnanthV9

  4. I have also started maintaining the scrapbook and all info in Money book … found it quite useful πŸ™‚
    While maintaining the money book we realized that we were not aware of each other insuarance policies πŸ™

    • When we get there I am sure we will have many surprises for each-other.

  5. This concept of a scrapbook to list out the dreams and a money book for financial planning is brilliant indeed ! Should start early in life just as one starts earning.

  6. I have got the lovely scrap book and the money book too. After filling the pages its made me realize that listing down things takes you a step closer to your dreams..

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