Bathtub My Guilty Pleasure

A lingering hot soak in a bathtub is my guilty pleasure. It is possible only when I travel because at home we do not have a bath tub. Let me rephrase it, we are the kind of people who grew up in homes without bathtubs. Hence it is the norm for us, we do not intend to have it at home ever! But as using a bathtub is environmentally wasteful, I am going to bring it down even while traveling. 

When I travel on sponsored trips, I get to stay in upmarket properties which have bathtubs! And that is when I indulge in long hot water soaks. My days are usually quite packed on these trips.

As I often wake up like a dead fish, I rarely have enough time to linger in the mornings. I usually end up taking a quick shower and head out for the day.

But at night I so look forward to a soak in the bathtub as a winding up ritual. It happens for only a few nights in a year that I stay in upscale properties. But at the back of my mind I was always felt guilty about wasting water. I would assuage it by saying I do not do it regularly. There is no bath tub at home so I am not a culprit.

When I penned down my scattered thoughts about the world environment day, I was quite dissatisfied with the things I have been doing till date. I searched on the web for various things environment and a lot of it looks like greenwash. So, being more conscious is not going to be as easy as I thought. But as a first step I am going to cut down on my guilty pleasure of soaking in bathtubs to one per trip. If I am able to do this successfully, I would try to bring it down to zero.

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14 thoughts on “Bathtub My Guilty Pleasure”

    • Indrani but the hotels where a bathtub is there, they don’t have bucket and mug. 😀 And at home we don’t have a bathtub.

  1. As Indrani has mentioned, shower definitely saves water.. bucket and mug are the best.
    More than wasting water I think I waste time if I am using a tub. 😛

  2. This is a thorny issue with me too – I agree that a bathtub is an indulgence and certainly bad for the environment because I too am an environment warrior but it’s also ok to indulge oneself occasionally. So don’t feel too guilty Mridula, don’t cut it out completely and yes, if you soak in the tub one night on a three day trip, it’s fine. Enjoy 🙂


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