Adventure Travel Insurance

Even though I never had to use my travel insurance while traveling abroad, I have realized the importance of knowing what is covered and what is not. Adventure travel insurance is different from normal travel insurance! And I learned it at my cost!

When I was trekking to the Everest Base Camp, in Nepal I had this unnerving chat with my trip provider Puru of β€˜Above the Himalayas’. He asked me, β€œSo do you have helicopter evacuation cover?” Now this completely stumped me. It was May of 2012. I had a normal travel insurance policy. Sitting in his office I realized that most of them do not cover adventure sports! I decided to proceed on the trek without any insurance cover, nothing to say what about emergency evacuation cover.


Remote Areas in Nepal

In India helicopter rescue is anyway not common. But in Nepal it is possible and effective. I came back from the trek safely to tell the tale. But I have learned my lesson. It is extremely important to know what is being covered rather than just looking at the lowest price! In 2013 I trekked in Nepal again with the right kind of travel insurance cover, I took it out with World Nomads.


Being a Pillion Rider can Pose Risks!

Then I went as a pillion rider, in 2014, on a snowmobile in Lapland, Finland with a daredevil who answers by the name of Mark Pedro Hindle. He drove at such a speed that I suddenly became conscious of how brittle my body was and how many bones it had, all of which breakable! I worried about my neck getting broken, I was happy for the helmet I wore and other protective gear I had. I actually thought of my father during the drive and how upset he would be if I ended up in a hospital in Finland.


Snowmobile Adventure

I was lucky that my sponsors for the trip, Nokia, were bearing my medical expenses. While my thoughts were a confused muddle, I maintained an outwardly calm. Mark promised that I only needed to scream to let him know that I wanted us to go faster! I cannot tell you how relieved I was when that ride was over. Mark is a thorough gentleman when he is off the snowmobile. I asked him if he had gone snowmobiling before and he said his favorite is dirt biking. I immediately understood where he was coming from! The lesson I learned this time was to know your rider before you go and get attached as a pillion! And you need to avoid daredevils with a penchant for dirt biking at all costs.


Do you have any adventure/travel insurance stories to share?

26 thoughts on “Adventure Travel Insurance”

  1. Interesting info Mridula. I’ve never really had to take any adventure travel insurance because I rarely do adventure travel. But I do take travel and medical insurance whenever I travel abroad (though like you I have never had to use it, thankfully!!)… but hearing horror stories has made me realise the importance of it… Cheers πŸ™‚

  2. A very important & useful info. I didn’t know about adventure insurance. It’s good that you had all the fun safely. πŸ™‚

  3. This is a news to me! Had no idea about such insurance… but seems that this is really important for avid adventure travellers…

    • It makes a lot of sense Maniparna to know this while doing something abroad.

  4. This is an useful information Mridula. Travel insurance was mandatory during my official onsite trips , but I wasn’t aware that adventure travel has a separate insurance policy. Thanks for sharing.

    • Since I learned it the hard way, it dawned on me suddenly to do a post on it.

  5. Never heard of adventure travel insurance before, but it makes so much sense! On official trips in the past, I have taken travel insurance. Now on personal trips to, we do take a small insurance cover… but it makes sense to get the right amount of cover in case of an emergency.

    • I learned it the hard way Chaitali. I realized on the trek that I was not covered for trekking by my normal travel insurance policy. But I have learned my lesson. πŸ˜€

  6. I have medical insurance but I am unable to understand what is travel insurance?

    I am not happy with medical insurance because first one has to pay from his own pocket which I did once. And later when we submit hospital bills then later after verification insurance company reimburse. Am I correct or I have less knowledge.

    If possible say in short what exactly is the usefulness of travel insurance.
    Is it the same? Pay first then submit bills and then will get reimburse?

    • Tushar my medical insurance will not cover me when I travel out of the country and hence travel insurance. This is more relevant when you are traveling abroad.

  7. Many fliers do not even take up travel insurance.
    When it comes to adventure travel, insurance is a must.
    Makes sense to have a cover.
    Always wonderful when we don’t have to use it πŸ™‚

  8. It is is delightfully easy to read your blog Mridula. Amazing way of putting simple things in perspective. I have recently done Bhutan , Sri Lanka and Sikkim etc. and I completely agree on almost every aspect and every count about your narrative of the places…
    Would be great if you try out less trodden places like Shillong/Mawlynnong and share your experiences then

  9. Madam, thanks for the information. I found out almost all the travel insurance quotes are nearer to 40% of the ticket cost of my USA round trip. Is it normal? I felt that was high and adventure insurance is more than this. Please suggest on this.

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