Sunset at Sai Vishram Beach Resort, Byndoor

I am more partial to sunsets than sunrises! At sunset I am almost always awake, however, it takes such an effort to drag myself out of the bed at a sunrise! It is so natural to be biased towards sunsets then! I was lucky to witness a beautiful sunset at Sai Vishram Beach Resort on my second evening there.

The day I arrived at Sai Vishram Beach Resort, clouds ruled. I had a 2 hour delay in my flight from Delhi and my whole schedule had gone haywire. On top of it I felt very tired. When Adarsha, the resort manager asked me if I would like to go to the beach, I replied in the negative! I am not proud of the fact but I was that tired. However, if there was a possibility of a sunset, I am sure I would have found the energy somehow!

The next day was a different affair. If you have noticed, at sunset, the sea catches the colors of the sky. And I love it! I noticed it for the first time in a trip to Goa back in 2012. Since then I wait for it. And I was not disappointed.

The Golden Hour!

I wonder if the father and son knew how beautiful the scene around them looked! From sand to the sky, everything was gold! I have clicked many people at the golden hour but I also wanted to feature in one such picture myself!

Mother and Son Walking on the Beach!

I then clicked the mother and son happily taking a walk by the beach. The desire to feature in such a scene myself was growing enormously now! I hardly care to get my own picture clicked but this evening was different!

I played around with my camera for a while, clicking the many beautiful shades of the sea! The resort serves coffee/tea and snacks by the beach in the evening which was very welcome!

On the Beach!

The solution for getting featured in such beautiful waters was simple in the end! I handed the camera to the fellow blogger Prashanth and ran to pose! So I now have a picture that I cherish!

The Sunset at Sai Vishram Beach Resort!

Finally, the sun decided to call it a day somewhere above the horizon. It went to take rest a few minutes earlier behind the clouds! In a little while it started growing dark. This was a fabulous evening by the beach which I will cherish for a long time!

PS. I was invited by Sai Vishram Group on this trip.

52 thoughts on “Sunset at Sai Vishram Beach Resort, Byndoor”

  1. I love sunsets and sunrises too 🙂 But the fact that one has to get up early in the morning makes it difficult 😛 Lovely sunset picture dear :))

    • Thank you Najm, same here I feel too lazy to get up at sunrises!

  2. I like sun sets too. Once, I made a fool of myself much to the amusement of my friends, I wanted to buy a telephoto lens to click sun set photos. By the way, your cilcks are great.

  3. Sai Vishram Beach Resort – wherever I read travel blogger write about the same.
    Wow. Good for tourism. Thanks again. Keep traveling, writing and sharing.

    • Yes Niranjan the area is not too crowded and this stretch had mostly people from the resort!

  4. Wonderfully captured photographs and lovely place to visit for the tranquility.

  5. Very nice. I have been hearing about Sai Vishram for a long time now, but just happens that everytime we plan to visit it, something comes up and we have to change plans.
    On a different note, I kept wondering why you hardly ever traveled south (there were very few/no posts about you travelling to South India). Looks like that will change now 🙂
    – Pradeep

    • Pradeep I hope you will go there. It is just that I didn’t get too many opportunities to travel to South. I too hope there will be many more trips now.

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