The Night Market at Chiang Mai, Thailand

I have always declared that I am not much into shopping. I have to qualify that statement now. I am not much into shopping unless I am in Thailand! It is a delight to shop there, be it in malls or at local markets. The night market at Chiang Mai was no different.

It is the combination of reasonable price and fashionable clothes that do the trick. I pride myself at not indulging in impulsive shopping. But in Thailand I failed at the first hurdle. I told myself I have more than enough clothes and I would not buy anything at the night market.

Fridge Magnets

I failed spectacularly at the fridge magnet shop. It helped that my fellow blogger Manjulika was equally crazy about them. So, we could buy them in groups of five at discounted prices and hare among us. So much so for not buying impulsively!

Baby Shoes

I did resist buying these small baby shoes. They looked incredibly cute but I knew none of them would fit Chhavi.

Your Name on a Rice Grain!

I also like to roam around and click pictures of things that look interesting. I have seen ‘your name on a rice grain’ stalls in India too. But I was sold on the heart shape arrangement!

Jute Figures

I was fascinated by these jute figures. I have not been able to capture the beauty in the picture. The man was weaving them sitting right there, making them into dragons and what not!

A Lane in the Night Market, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The market was quite big. It was my first day in Thailand and I was tired. I could explore only a small part it. In a way I am happy or I would have shopped more.

Strolling through the Market

The markets are popular with locals and the tourists. Some bargaining is expected. Rounding off is a very common game. If a vendor says 120 I would say 100 and I guess it is expected. But I am quite poor at bargaining, have been all my life.

Pretty Dolls

I almost stumbled with the dolls. But then Chhavi is more into outdoors than dolls. Hence I walked off only with the picture!

Where I Stumbled Again!

I met my nemesis at the clothes stall once again. I absolutely do not need any more clothes but I ended up buying two new t-shirts because of their beautiful prints, one has cherry blossoms and another a cute elephant. The good bit is that I wear them both!

Not the Baby Silly!

The prices for the clips and not for the baby! The baby was quite oblivious to the surroundings! After roaming for about two hours, it was time to head to dinner and then back to the hotel, The Balcony in Chiang Mai. I was so looking forward to lying horizontally and go to sleep.

PS. I was invited by TAT New Delhi on this trip.

25 thoughts on “The Night Market at Chiang Mai, Thailand”

  1. I love shopping in Thai! Did you go to the weekend mkt? Chatuchak? That’s also awesome!!
    The pics are just awesome Mridula. The fridge magnets look super cool 🙂

    • No Archana after 5 trips I have still not managed to go to Chatuchak! And thank you.

  2. My God, tooooo many options to choose with. What a perfect place for a shopaholics. Excellent pictures mridula.

  3. Oh God ! The fridge magnets and the baby shoes and that green dress on a black mannequin I have spied in the melee` and the ball like things on looking like lamp shades …… huff- huff

    How much I have focused, you can understand Mridula 🙂 Its a very shopaholic banane wali post !!
    loved it 🙂

    • Kokila Thailand ki shopping itne affordable hai ki mein bhi kar lete hun!

  4. I love those shoes! They are really adorable! The price board near the baby made for a nice photo. 🙂

    • Thank you Chaitali. The baby was so blissfully unaware about the bustle around him! 😀

  5. I have been wanting to go to thailand now for some time but not getting the plans sorted.. fingers crossed maybe one day ..

    beautiful pictures


  6. The captures remind me of the colorful trip that we had.
    The spice magnets are the best that we got from here. Even the owl bag that I bought from this market is being eyed by my cousins…

  7. The clothes in Chiang Mai are quality stuff at incredible prices. I hate shopping but because of that I bought a lot when I visited:)

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